Your screen name?

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  1. I'm not if there's been a thread on this before but I love to find out what people's screen names mean! Some are easy to figure out but I see others as a puzzle :smile:
    I'll go first--
    A neighbor always called me katie-did when I was little so that stuck with me. I use ktdid or ktdid74 for most of my boards or eBay.
    Oh, I hope this is ok for the Coach forum- this is the only forum I read and the only names I'm familiar with!
  2. Mine is so straight forward.. it's my name ;)
  3. mine is my name ...

    Tara and part of my last name ______-Lindsey.

    I know.. neither smart or creative:roflmfao:
  4. I'm known to be a party girl and do karaoke and hence the name evolved :rochard:
  5. I am a fan of the Baltimore Orioles and my favorite player growing up was Jim Palmer, who wore 22. (And yes, I am a girl!)
  6. Mine is my First and Middle name, but the E's at the end are 3's. Not very creative lol
  7. Again, mine is my name. Only spelled differently. I like the spelling Kym better than Kim. It's more fun to spell it wrong!
  8. My screen name is taken from the Image comics character with the same name. (WildC.A.T.s is the Image title.)
  9. Queen Of Las Vegas(area code 702) lmao!
  10. margaritaxmix -

    well, my name is Margaret, and my friends love to make fun of it because they think it's too long of a name and it's for old ladies. so they just call me whatever they want...maggie, mags, marge, of my friends called me tequila. so i thought, margarita is closer to my name and it's more creative than "margaret" which no one seems to be able to spell...and i just added the 'xmix' at the end...margarita mix!

    sorry for that incredibly long and dull story. :p
  11. My name is taken from a band I like, Mazzy Star. I just reversed it to starrymaz. hehe.
  12. My friend told me about tpf just as I was beginning to become interested in Coach. I had just been "scolded" by eBay (okay, so I was suspended:shame:smile: b/c I didn't know any better. So the first thing I came up with was "didn't mean to". It was a rather childish response:s, I know, but I was so frustrated :hysteric:about being suspended and not being able to actually contact anyone at eBay and I kept receiving standardized emails to my questions.
    I thought to change it for the longest time but one day I saw Vlad's msg about not being able to change your avatar name (there are some conditions where you can) but by this time I was too used to logging in as "didn't mean to" anyway.:shrugs:
  13. My first name is Candace and my screen name is a homage to Halo - I am a total nut, obsessed actually...the Master Chief's name is see where I am going.

    I've played all the games, I can't wait for Halo Wars to come out, I've read all the books and have action figures...yup. Obsessed.
  14. It's my last name spelled backwards :p
  15. My name is Donna Lynn and my birthday is December 11, hence Donnalynn11.
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