Your SA etiquette thoughts and advice please

  1. Hmmmm...

    I just contacted my first H SA, and a question has come up...

    As I posted in my Evelyne shopping thread, I have taken the plunge into shopping for my first H bag. I have to do this by phone, and started in my own state, with my closest store (I must fly to get there), and contacted an SA on the advice of a fellow tPFer. This SA is very sweet and I LOVE the idea of a partner in crime helping me in my quest. I felt totally comfortable and relaxed, and she really understood my needs.

    I am not in a huge rush for the bag, though it would be nice to get it before the increase.

    My idea was to establish a relationship with her, and hopefully make it over to HNL to meet and shop, maybe even see some Evelynes (unless we seal the deal by phone,) and eventually shop for more H goodies....she is willing to work with me on this Evelyne, even helping with the phone CC issues, etc.

    But, couple of Pfers suggested SAs to call in other states...either having spotted Evelynes I might like, or just lovin their SAs. That was so sweet...

    ....I just adore how these Hermes quests turn into global teamwork!! I LOVE YOU GUYS!!:heart: :heart: ....

    ....But might it be best to keep working with my brand new shiney SA that I just got??...she seemed really willing to help me and came highly recommended. To have her work with another store may be hard, since I have that new CC issue as well. I had thought I would best wait until something came into her store.

    Your thoughts, please??? :confused1:
    A thousand thanks!
  2. If you like the one that is closest to you, I'd stick with her. :smile:
    Evelynes are not that hard to find (this SA might be able to get them from other stores for you) and it's a perfect place to start! Use this transaction to see how you guys "click" and definitely stay with her if you're pleased with the service.
  3. I agree. Try and develop a relationship with the one that you will be likely to visit down the track...the SA suggested sounds lovely, and in the future, she will remember you, and you can visit her in person! I did this recently, I met the manager of a store which I purchase from, but is in another state (phone orders). it was grwat to finally meet her in person, and we almost had a 'closer' relationship because of our phone conversations (you know, the "finally putting a face to a voice" thing).
  4. My SA has suggested ordering in several different Evelynes for me to look at so I am assuming your new SA could do the same for you.

    If you like her, that's the most important. KWIM?
  5. Definitely! :yes:
  6. :yes:

    Thank you so much GF and GT..., Japster and Nathansgirl...!

    She is very lovely...I was babbling on about colors for the bag, and I was saying that really, I am quite often in jeans or black when I travel, but since I travel in the spring and summer mostly, I could accent with a color bla bla was just thinking outloud type stuff...

    ...and she was so sweet and said--"thats so good to know, I will make a note of that"

    How can you not love that! It's how I hoped it would be, if YKWIM...