~Your SA calls....she has an Hermes that you simply can't refuse!

  1. You're not expecting this call right now..... and it's not like she hasn't called before about other things.....only thing is, during THIS call your knees go weak:nuts: , you have to sit down, your heart is pouding:heart: and you just KNOW that THIS Hermes she's telling you about, is going to be YOURS someway, somehow.

    You weren't expecting this....but your heart tells you it's PERFECT and you MUST say yes NOW!

    You tell the SA to please send it!

    Just WHAT on the way to You????:yahoo:
  2. Vert Jasmin Porosus Croc 28 Kelly or beige-rose p/croc 28 Kelly.
  3. Are you asking me or am I waiting for you to tell me what you bought??? LOL!!!:nuts:
  4. How exciting!!!35 black box gold hardware birkin!!:yahoo:
  5. 28 cm sellier black box Kelly with gold h/w.
  6. oh I am eager to hear what had you weak in your knees. Are you going to make us wait till it arrives and do a strip tease or will you let us know now.

    I vote for now
    I vote for now
    I vote for now
    I vote for now
    I vote for now
    I vote for now
    I vote for now
  7. BJ togo 30cm Birkin with PH.... mmmmmm
  8. This is so exciting! Spill it isus!!!!

  9. Excellent choice!:graucho:
  10. 30cm gold togo birkin
  11. Medor clutch, black box with gold hardware, or parchment box with brushed gold hardware, or rouge H box with gold hardware, or white with gold hardware

  12. Howdy twin!!! {Waves}
  13. Really ....it's just a question.....'cause I was sitting here thinking.....now WHAT would make me just tell my SA to send it....if she surprised me with a call. I already have requested a piece that is coming later this year.....but I was thinking what ELSE would I say :yahoo: to....????

    MY answer?? A Gold Clemence Birkin 30 with Pall h/w ( "almost" like Fesdu's YES!)

    My tastes are simple:angel: but I'd be so excited if this were to happen.
  14. a 32cm Sellier Black CDC Kelly w/PH
    or a 30cm Black or Rouge VIF Fjord Birkin w/PH would have me jumping up and down for sure!
  15. OOooo Susi!... I love to receive calls like this most of the time, I get butterflies in my stomach!

    Is the combo EVERYTHING that you wish for in a 30cm birkin? I sense that it's gold that you want. What about the leather and the hardware? If it's in the exact combo that you requested for, which you expected to come later .... grab it!