Your right I have LV fever....

  1. No I have not carried the bag but I spent half my day looking at and taking pictures of my new baby. I have never had an avatar before but I just had to add my new baby. I'm so in love :heart: my kids please cook dinner and stop looking at your purse. hee hee it's bad ladies I took the pictures so when I'm at work I can show off my purse. I promise I will carry her soon.:yahoo:
  2. Take her to work and show her off in person!
  3. I love your new bag, congratulations!
  4. Congrats on your beautiful new bag!!
  5. Your kids are so cute! Ha at least they said please you best hop to it. I also like to hold it up to my nose and smell the new bag smell but make sure you don't have lipstick on. I learned from experience :nuts: and freaked out when lipgloss got on the handles.
  6. Congrats on your new bag!
  7. Congrats!
  8. Congrats!
  9. lol. I love your new baby!
  10. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: Good advice! Can't resist that new bag smell. Amost as good as when you take a bag out of its dustbag when you haven't used it in a while. :love: *sigh* bag love... so sweet
  11. WEAR IT!! It's SO beautiful!!! haha
  12. Super!! Congratulations on your beautiful new LV!! There is always something new for me to lust after.....:graucho:
  13. Love your bag! Congrats!
  14. congrats!
  15. congrats!!!