Your Reissue was made in.......

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  1. France or Italy?

    My '08 black metallic 226 was made in France.

    Just want to see if they made more in France or Italy.

    Does any one know if there'a a difference?
  2. All my reissues are made in France, so I believe all reissues are made in France only.
  3. My 08 Dark Silver 226 was made in France, but my Dark Red metallic 225 was made in Italy.
  4. My Navy Metallic 227 Reissue was made in France.
  5. white-france

    and i have seen the red n dk silver all made in france.
    til today, i have never seen a single reissue made in italy. to be honest, if i can choose, i would prefer all of my chanels made in Italy, i dunno why its just feel more legitimate =)))) *crazy moi*
  6. Metallic reissues: my 228 and 225 say Italy on them; the 226 and 227 say France.
  7. '07 Pearl reissure was made in France
  8. SORRY TYPO, if i can choose i would prefer all of my chanels made in FRANCE.
  9. Chanel has two factories - one in France and one in Italy. IMO, it does not matter which factory my bags are made. But just for the record:

    2006 2.55 distressed leather in black in the 226 says Made in France.
    2008 2.55 metallic navy and green in the medium size also says Made in France.

  10. LOL....I was wondering why you prefer Italy cuz France was the origin of Chanel...hee hee. :flowers:
  11. I think all reissues were made in France until just recently. I've noticed that all 2008 metallic 225's were made in Italy.
  12. Both of mine are from France -I TOO would also prefer that they be made in France ;) But o well, as long as they're authentic, who cares, right? LOL
  13. Since mine is 2005 anniversary edition, it's made in FRANCE!
  14. I've only got one reissue ('05 Anniversary edition) and it's made in France;)
  15. all my reissues are "made in france":yes:

    2005 Anniversary Black Reissue 227 - made in france
    2005 Anniversary Grey Reissue 226 - made in france
    '06 Dk. Bordeaux Reissue 226 - made in france
    '07 Metallic Dark Silver 226 - made in france