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Nov 4, 2006
8 months ago me and SO bought this 112 yrs period home and now we have just stepped into the scary world of renovating the kitchen.

We have been overwhelmed with information on kitchen appliances and would really like opinions on the best freestanding stove. We are limited by size as well since the stove will need to fit into the existing cavity that connects to the chimney. :smile: *I had to eliminate my choice Miele because they don't do freestanding :sad:

I have borrowed many kitchen books from my local library and I always see Viking and Wolf range featured throughout the books.

I don't think the Wolf Range is available here in Sydney since I have never seen them around.
However there is one stockist of Viking that selling the range starting from $9k+ - which I unfortunately unable to afford.

I am really drawn to the Ilve range www.ilve.com.au especially the Nostalgie or Majestic range because I think they really suit the style of our period house.

All the stockists we have been have raved how Ilve is one of the best appliance in the world.

I have found mix reviews about Ilve but this particular one is shocking! http://stephendownes.com/?p=85=1

I am really worried now so any advice on Ilve appliances would be greatly appreciated - or if you have any recommendation on other brands :smile:



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Aug 23, 2006

I love this brand!! Don't know if it is available in AU though. Plus it's pretty expensive. I sent away for their catalogue because DH promises me I can get Elvira appliances when we remodel our kitchen---I like the 1950s'style but they also have a 1850s style which I think is what you are interested in.