Your recent DVD Rental

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  1. With weekly DVD releases, I thought it would nice to discuss our recent rentals. Rented any DVD(s)? Forgettable? Recommendable?
  2. I saw Match Point (Scarlett Johansson, Jonathan Rhys Meyers), Failure to Launch (Matthew McConaughey, SJP), and The Family Stone (Diane Keaton, SJP, etc).

    Match Point was good, I was hoping for a Hollywood ending though....
  3. The Interpreter and Manchurian Candidate are two of my favorites. The two most pointless movies I have seen was Weatherman and Napoleon Dynamite.
  4. Last rentals included "Confederate States of America" - a documentary style spoof told from the perspective of the south winning the Civil War (strangely funny and disturbing because of the "ads"/"commericials" in them) - and "She's the Man" - I have a soft spot for Amanda Bynes.
  5. I just rented last night Just My Luck, Silent Hill, & Posiden. So far I've only watched Silent Hill...fairly scary movie, would still recommend. I saw Posiden at the theaters but rented it for my parents...that's a great movie. I stay at home all the time so I pretty much try to go every Tuesday & get the new releases before they all get rented out. Yeah, I'm such a dork! But I love it!
  6. We recently rented Scary Movie 4... eh your typical flick in this series.

    And our friend brought over the European verison of the Decent. I think it was titled El Descenso (sp?). Now that movie rocked balls!
  7. Last time I rented a movie was last week---I went into the video store with my mom, picked out 2 movies (Fun with Dick and Jane and Big Mama's House 2) and when she was paying at the register, I looked down and the little shelves they have stuffed with pretzels, and I saw a huge wad of cash.

    We gave the cashier our phone # (but didn't tell her how much it was-- my mom's friend had said to do that if you found money because if you told them how much it was, the cashier could just call in and get it-- I mean, they're teenagers making like what $3.00 a hour?) and told her that if anyone called the store, to give them our number--

    Anyway, we got into the car and counted the money and it was $90.00!! I felt terrible for however left it there-- a few hours later, the people missing the money called us and we met up at a local grocery market and gave it to them-- It was a really nice family with a boy in 4th grade and they had just moved to my town-- and the father gave me $20!! Which was very nice of them, and I'm glad that I was the person who found it-- Some people would of kept it, but I would of felt terrible spending it.

    Anway, sorry for the long post I just wanted to share my experience at the movie store!

    On a sidenote, both of the movies were good! = )
  8. The most recent one would have to be:

    Prophecy 5: The Forsaken (not as good as Prophecy 4: The Uprising)
    The Crow: Wicked Prayer (HORRIBLE HORRIBLE MOVIE!!!)

    The second movie somehow didn't get taken out of my Netflix queue so I was stuck with watching it as it's already paid for.

    I have these two movies coming Friday:

    Dog Soldier (by the same people who did "The Descent")
    Silent Hill (I love the game, so I'm looking forward to the movie)
  9. i don't rent DVD, but until yesterday, i'm doing a re-run on friends :smile:
    i'm up to season 5 now!
  10. Two weeks ago - Benchwarmers, Firewall, and Final Destination 3. Blockbusters had a deal for 3 movies for $9.99. Only watched Final Destination and returned the rest.
  11. Thanks for sharing. =)
    I often receive rental pass (unlimited DVD rental for $1.99 each) from Blockbuster so I sometimes rent more titles than my schedule allows -- rented but didn't watch Must Love Dogs (Diane Lane), Memoirs of Geisha, and Just Like Heaven (Reese Witherspoon). I really like watching movies at home. =)

    I plan on renting Inside Man (Denzel Washington, Jodie Foster, & Clive Owen) this weekend. =)
  12. The last movies I watched were Just My Luck and Date Movie. Both from Netflix....if anyone wants to rent dvds...i highly recommend NetFlix.You just order the movies you want to see online and in the next business day it's in your mailbox.No more driving to the video store and spending a long time picking out your on netflix they give you the oppurtunity to see foreign films and also indie it's great.

    Anyways Date Movie was probably the worst movie i've ever seen...completely pointless, not funny, and a total waste of time.:rolleyes:
  13. I LOVE Netflix! I can just about find everything on there!! They have some of the best selections out there.

    Btw, if anyone wants to watch Asian films, eHit has a lot of them. It works the same way as Netflix.
  14. I know Netflix is great! I love watching Bollywood films..although I'm not indian or anything but I just love all their dance sequences and the storylines are actually pretty good. Plus I just rent Bollywood films to watch my favorite Bollywood Actress...Aishwarya Rai in it.:Push:

    Plus I get to see alot of indie films...I absolutely love indie films and local video stores don't offer Netflix is wonderful.:heart:
  15. I LOVE Indie films too! I also love foreign films. I've been able to find most of what i'm looking for so far:yes: