Your Recent Care Cards/Booklets- Black or Beige Envelope?

Jun 11, 2009
hi ladies- just curious to find out what kind of care booklets you're getting with your recent purchases. i recently exchanged my m/l flap and instead of the black envelope with chanel pull out care info (with art/drawings, etc.) plus the 2-3 vellum pull outs in multiple languages... my new flap came with a tiny beige envelope with only one tiny pull out care booklet with multiple languages printed on it. i was wondering if this is what they're putting in the newer bags and doing away with the bigger black envelope/care cards.


Twice Blessed
Jul 3, 2009
Classic olours will continue to come in black but seasonal styles since Fall 09 had been given the beige ones. At least that's what I've seen in all the bags I got from Paris. It's not uncommon for the SA to slip in the occasional beige ones if they run out of black ones for the classic colours.


love watches
Mar 20, 2007
Beige for both Jumbo n M L
bought from Paris and i have everything except the 'tag' where i see most people have. i think the sa thought no one will be interested in those and didnt put them in.

but i must thank her for packaging the chanel nicely