Your reccs for a 2-tone (silver, gold color) watch $300 or under? Pls & thnx!

  1. Any ideas or reccs for a go-anwhere watch at this price level with the watchband in two tones, silver and gold color?

    All recommendations are for specific watches, brands, and merchants are appreciated, pics are doubly appreciated.

  2. I've got the Rotary Rocks gold & silver tone watch. It has little diamonds at the numbers so the face sparkles when they catch the light.
    Mine was £220 (around $440) but they do lower price watches in the same range.
  3. Citizen's Ecodrive line has incredible selection for your price range & it never requires a battery!
  4. If you are looking for something more trendy looking...try DKNY, Deisel, or Calvin Klein...hope I helped ;)
  5. Try Seiko. They have a large range with two tone bands and small diamonds for very reasonable prices (also under $ 300, I've inserted a pic of a Seiko I bought some years ago). Swatch Group brands as Rado, Mido and Tissot are not too expensive as well. I can recommend you to wait until the end of April since all new watch models will be launched during the fairs (Baselworld, SIHH, WPHH etc) in Switzerland. Information about new models is normally featured on the website around the time of the fairs. (depends on the brand, some watchmakers are not very efficient!). Anyway, good luck!

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    Seiko Vivace.JPG
  6. I highly recommend seiko watches. you can find them onsale now at macys and many are under $300.
  7. ESQ and Swiss Army have watches for reasonable prices. Sometimes Costco has them. The usually have a pretty good selection of watches from $50 all the way up to $10,000.
  8. My sister has had a swiss army two tone for more than 10 years and it looks fabulous - she just had it polished up and it looks like new...
  9. I got a Citizen Ecodrive for Christmas from my fiance. I really love it!
  10. Congrats! My mother never takes hers off! It is very rich looking :smile:
  11. Thanks! I think so too. The face is very elegant, small diamond chips set around the face in stainless, and it just has a nice feel to it. I think he paid $400-ish from Herlzberg (sp?) but I am sure it can be bought for less elsewhere or on sale. I know what he paid because I was stalking it for a while ;)

    We went to New York for my birthday in December and there were "Ecodrive" watches in a store window in Times Square for about $50! They didn't even look nice. I am surpirsed they get away with that.
  12. I second Swiss Army watches. Mine has really taken a beating and still looks great.
  13. For something different, I like Skagen watches.