Your reason for wearing heels?

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  1. I posted an article on the "power heel" and it raised an interesting question:

    Are heels at the office a device to hold women back by hobbling them, or do they help us compete by making us taller?

    I :heart: heels and especially wedges b/c they make me look taller (an my @ss look smaller!).

    So what's your reason?
  2. I think these days, heels at the office are more a matter of preference. Even in the conservative banking environment that I worked in, some women opted to wear flats, and they looked no less put together with the options we have now.

    Personally, I wear heels because I like the extra height and the additional refinement I think they add to any look. I can't wear them all day like I used to, though. I keep a pair of comfy flats at the office to give my feet a break.
  3. i wear heels because it flatters my body! and i just feel very confident when I am taller.
  4. I love heels but they hurt my feet ALOT... so I don't wear them very often. Plus, strangely enough, the bf hates heels (on anyone!) so that gives me a reason not to wear them as much, as lovely as they look. LOL he says he tolerates them on me since I don't wear them very much.
  5. I think they just add something special to an outfit plus I love looking taller.
  6. I wear them because I sometimes just enjoy being tall...or they put together an outfit..and also they make me feel more confident.
  7. Definately because of the boost in height! Plus it just makes your legs look so much longer and slimmer!
    Too bad I wasn`t blessed with being super tall, orelse I would probably never wear heels!
  8. My DH is 6' 4'....I'm 5' 5"....'nuff said! :P
  9. B/c I look taller. I like that in heels I can walk like I am on a runway. I actually can't even walk in flats anymore, I trip all the time.
  10. They make me stand taller (better posture) and make an outfit look more polished. And of course they make me taller....Now if they could only stop hurting lol
  11. I look taller and my legs look longer but my feet really hurt if I wear them all day long. I travel for work all the time so I always change from flats to heels before I go into offices.
  12. I am already pretty tall and my boyfriend is my height so I don't really need super high heels for height. I usually wear kitten heels or low (less than 2") heels to make my legs look leaner.
  13. I did wear them at a job that I used to have for the height because I was always having to reach up for stuff that was above my head.

    Nowdays with my office job, I wear them because they make an outfit look dressier. I wear jeans about 3 times a week at work and I'd look too casual wearing flats, but with the right pair of heels (which are most of the ones in my closet), it instantly looks like California's "business casual". That is..without wearing a t-shirt. I love my shoes.
  14. I love the look, I love walking in them, I think they look hot!
  15. I am short so I like the extra height that they gave me. Plus if I wear heels I don't have to hem everything!