Your real vs. her fake ....

  1. How do you feel when you are wearing your Chanel (or whatever) and you see 'her' with the same bag but can tell that hers is a fake? I can't describe it but the looks I got when this happened to me was unreal - it was as if I were carrying the fake and 'she' knew it. The attitude was incredible.
  2. Once I was on line waiting for the cashier and a woman had a fake cambon tote and I had the real one. However I think she was too oblivious to what a real one even looked like for her to know mine was real. She was loud and obnoxious making a stink about how long the line was taking. That says it all.

    Hers was a bad fake too and accompanied by fakey wallet. LOL.
  3. I was in the mall shopping and had my real caviar flap, I pass this lady carrying a really bag fake cambon, and I couldn't help it, but my daughter and I just laughed out loud as she walked past us. I'm sure she had no idea why we were laughing.
  4. Sad!
  5. I see them Everyday...I'm kinda over it.
  6. Where I live there are more fake LV than I'm so happy, don't get to see too many fake Chanels, but if I happended to carried a LV and see a fake one..I just totally ignored it and pretend I did not see her.:rolleyes:
  7. Omg!!! This has happened to me too before with my pink cambon. For some reason, the other person always makes me feel like I'm the one carrying the fake and then I get all self conscious and think that people think mine's the fake one, when mine's authentic.
  8. If you go to the mall near me there are a LOT of fake Chanel's, mostly cambons. Its the opposite for me. lol. More fake Chanel's than LV's where i live.
  9. the girl who got most fashionable at my school wears fake chanels all the time, LMAO!!!!!
  10. :roflmfao: Keane, that is funny!!!
  11. Do you ladies ever find that because of your race people assume your bag is fake because they think a ____(fill in the blank on Whatever race ) would not have the money to afford it. I am a minority but I am an attrney and make over $300,000 per year and am single with no children so I can buy and do whatever bag I like. Yet I find other women looking at my bags and jewelry (I love diamonds and own some very nice peices) like they assume they are fakes BECAUSE of my race. Has anyone ever experienced this? For this reason I never assume anyone bag is a fake because I get that a lot.
  12. Is hard to tell on jewelry, because of cubic zirconia looks like real diamonds, so I will not guess on jewelry, but on Chanel/LV bags... is pretty easy to do (if you are a truly fan of chanel bags) because of the poor quality and odd styles that Chanel has never produced.

  13. Yup, I have had that experience, but once the credit card comes out or the DH is with me - no questions asked.
  14. I don't know why people get all rattled about fakes and what other people may be thinking about their bag. I wear my authentic bags proudly and can really give a hoot what others are thinking/saying.

  15. I hear you but it does get to me when I know the person carrying the fake is deliberatly trying to bait me - carry whatever you want - it bothers me when people where fakes because of the seedy side of that business - the money supports terrible things in most cases, but whatever - I don't say anything and I certainly don't say or do anything to that individual. I don't throw my real stuff in their faces but they do throw it in mine - as if they are better than me ... it is funny sometimes but when it comes with the attitude - please, I mean who are you trying to impress?