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  1. Hello :smile:

    I got in a - for me- very uncomfortable situation today and I just wanted to ask you how you would react in that situation.

    I was sitting in a café with some friends and I decided to take my gucci bag with me. Its is not a very large bag. It is quite small and it is you really have to focus on the bag to find out that it is a gucci, because it has already gotten dark. So... one of the girls - which I got to know today- looked at my bag and said : 'Is it a gucci?' and I said ' Yes.' [ I hate these questions... I don't know why] and then she asked ' A real one?' and I said yes once again. Then she replied in a very arrogant voice ' What is going on with you?' And I did not know how to react. I just said 'nothing!?' Do you understand what I mean? I am not the person who carries an expensive bag in a ' come-on-look-at-me'-way and then I just felt so uncomfortable... even ashamed that I am carrying a gucci bag.

    What do you answer if a person asks you these questions in a very superficial manner? They just make me feel like this --> :s

    Thanks for your answers... :rolleyes:
  2. eww. what a gross situation...dont be ashamed you have a gucci, be proud of it...i mean dont flaunt it in anyones face either (which is NOT what youre doing, im saying in general) but...i dunno i would just say "there is nothing wrong with me, why?" and just pretend you dont all talk, i could say i would tell the person off...but most likely i would just be like "i like nice things..." sorry this happened to you :sad:
  3. I don't understand why she even had to ask you if it was a real one. Was it necessary? I mean that's happened to me before in the past. I totally understane why you felt uncomfortable b/c my boss had asked me the two exact same questions about my prada bag and I didn't know how to react to the situation.
  4. I'm not sure I even understand her question. However, if it was asked in an arrogant tone she was purposefully trying to make you uncomfortable. Not nice. Not nice at all. If someone should ask you how much you paid for your bag in an arrogant tone .... this seems to happen quite often ... you could say, "More than you are willing to spend on a handbag" and leave it at that. Enjoy your Gucci bag. Don't let idiots like her make you feel bad.
  5. Jealousy is my thought. The best reaction to these idiots is not giving them the satisfaction of a reaction. I wouldn't even answer the question or you can try saying "So what are you trying to say?". They usually aren't prepared for that question and they have a hard time rephrasing. At that point, I'd offer a change of subject, like have you seen whatever movie, the weather, anything else.
    I personally am sick of these people. A coworker said this week, "Who would spend $400 on a Fendi bag?". I said, "Well, are you sure it's a real Fendi bag?". I have gone in there with my LV Speedy and my Cognac Spy.
  6. Many of my friends ask if my bags are real (sarcasticly) but I feel that they are only kidding with me. Even my teacher asked if it was real once. I didnt think too much of it. For me, I guess its who says it. As far as the next comment, "What is going on with you," I would be insulted and upset.
  7. Aww...I am sorry this happened to I think if it happened to me I may also be caught dumbstruck and then I will spend the night not sleeping thinking the 100 ways I could have gotten back...hahaha...that's me.

    Situation like this has not yet happened to me. But I learnt a few things from all the comments given.

    Hope you are feeling better already. The girl is nasty...not worth your
  8. i'd say... "umm.. i don't know what's going on with me but i just really find cheap bags tacky."

    i mean, i dont have personal issues with people carrying what they like to so to get back at them i could say some pretty horrible things too. harhar.
  9. I've got tired of people asking me how cute my "fake" cambon was, I've got so upset every time, I go "pretty expensive to be fake, I spent 1500 on this"...I ended up selling the bag. idiot me.:upsidedown:
  10. thanx so much for all your reactions. I think I will try to be more self-assured if someone asks this question again... the problem is that the questions are quite different every time :smile: but I will do my best.

    @highmaintenance: you sold the bag??? thats a big step!

    thanks again to all of you
  11. ^^ heya timeless, I'll jump in and agree it was jealousy and insecurity for that girl to not only question its authenticity but to question why you have it. OMG!!

    We all need to stop bashing eachother's choices and just start celebratin' 'em more!! Next time she should try a "hey, gorgeous Gucci, good for you!!"
  12. Yes i think jealousy.. just be confident and be proud of your Gucci! :biggrin:
  13. Sorry you had to be in such an awkward situation. Don't ever feel ashamed about owning a REAL bag.

    I've been in so many awkward situations it's to the point where I get kinda snappy at people if they continue to annoy me. For a bit at school, my classmates would bug the hell outta me. One girl asked about my Gucci belt bag and said "I like your bag, it looks just like the real thing" and I just replied "Thanks, i'm glad it does since I got it at the Gucci store"
  14. :cursing: Oh I don't even know your friend but I'm mad at her!!! I agree with the majority...She's jealous and you don't have to justify your excellent taste to anyone....I think you handled the situation fine..If it were me, on a typically stressful day....Well, let's not think about it shall we! Enjoy your beautiful bag you purse diva you! :heart: Emmy
  15. Like the other ladies have said, she's definitely just jealous!

    The next time your friend asks you about a bag, just smile and reply, "Yes, I bought it the other day. Isn't it beautiful?"

    I have friends too that don't understand the appeal of a designer bag. However, they do appreciate how beautiful they are. :heart: