Your purse on a plane

  1. I went to Vegas over the weekend and I flew on US Airways for the first time. I travel a lot and whenever I've flown on any other airline, I've always been allowed to hold my purse in my lap. However, for my flight both to Vegas and back, the flight attendants told me that my purse had to go under the seat in front. They were very strict in enforcing that too. I wasn't prepared the first time so I stuffed my Chanel bag in one of those paper pillowcases that slip over the dinky little plane pillows. :angel:

    My question to everyone is where do you place your designer bags when you fly? Do you hold it in your lap? Overhead bin?

    PS- Just a little note to everyone. US Airways is awful. They were late both times. The first class seats are crappy. The employees were rude. And they made me throw away one of my bags upon boarding. I understand that everyone is allowed two carry-on bags but my "extra" bag was just a tiny little plastic bag with a paperback book in it. :shrugs:It was no big deal throwing the plastic bag away but the lady gave me so much attitude over it. It was embarassing.
  2. I normally hold it in my lap or stick it under the chair in front of me like they tell us to. So far, I haven't had any encounters though where I've HAD to put it on the floor. It's normally by choice because I don't feel like having my bag in my lap.
  3. I put mine under the seat in front of me. Next time I'll bring a dustbag just in case!
  4. I usually travel with a big bag so it usually goes on the floor next to my seat.
  5. well, i try to avoid travelling w a designer bag. if i have one, i probably bought it on vaca. but Air Canada always insists they go under the seat. i guess it can always go in the carry one bag if it is small enough. i find though the part where bags get dirtiest is that security thing u have to go through
  6. I am always told to put on floor in front of me under seat I hate that & lift it immediately we take off
  7. It always has to be on the floor now due to safety reasons and how the FFA is trying o get more "strict" I think its silly really but the min you take off you would be able to put in in your lap again.

    Im sorry you had such rude people. I would def drop a note to USairways. That attitude is not acceptable.
  8. Of course I put it "on the floor, under the seat in front of you." At the risk of sounding school marm-ish....: Ladies, if you can't put your handbag on the floor, there is something wrong with this whole handbag obsession! Handbags are workhorses, no matter how expensive they are. They are meant to hold your things. They are but an expensive paper bag, if you will. (Will I be voted off tpf?) Coddle your husbands, children, animals. Handbags are meant to be used and enjoyed.
  9. I put mine underneath my seat. I always thought that was the rule. I also don't really want to sit for many hours with a bag in my lap. As a result, I don't carry anything too expensive in case it does get dirty. I just do what the flight attendants say. Their jobs are hard enough.
  10. I sometimes travel by air for there and back again meetings and take only a bag with me. It's usually a good-sized bag, slouchy and roomy enough for some files and essentials. I've never had trouble fitting mine under the seat, but size is something to keep in mind when choosing a bag for carrying on a plane. I've never had a bag get dirty or damaged on a plane, though someone else mentioned security. I do what I can to keep my bag from getting smushed and scruffed and scraped between other people's carry-ons when going through security. Other than that, though, the dangers (to the bag) are few. I would never put a top designer bag in the overhead bin, not only because I wouldn't let one out of my sight, but because things really do shift around in there! During one rocky flight, an overstuffed bin popped open and the man sitting next to me got hit with a piece of flying luggage! I'm sure he'd rather have been hit by a Birkin, but still . . . anyway, he ended up fine, thank goodness. So the upshot is, I keep my bag under the seat in front of me: not only is it a reasonable rule, I know my bag is safe and near at hand.
  11. You could always grab a SkyMall and use it to set your bag on if you don't want it directly on the floor, open up the magazine for larger bags!:tup:
  12. I usually always hold my bag, but the last time I went to West Palm Beach (in July) I had my Gucci Horsebit hobo (which is really big) so I laid all of the gossipy magazines that I read to pass the time on the floor then put it down. Airplanes are so full of germs that I hated it to be on the ground. Usually though I try to hold it, unless I am flying with just a knock around bag (which isn't very often) then I don't usually care.
  13. I understand where you're coming from that the practical use of handbags is to hold your things.

    However, after spending a large sum of money on a bag, most tend to naturally want to baby them. That doesn't necessarily mean sacrificing the blanket and pillow the airline might give you to lay your bag down on it, but at least taking some extra precautions rather than just throwing it around any old place.
  14. I know, TropicalGal....but I want to use and enjoy my handbag on my lap on the plane, though.....:yes:
  15. Im having mine in the lap. Otherwise I try to put it in my carry on bag. No way im putting it on the floor :push: