Your purchases since the New Year??????????

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  1. Ladies, what have you succumbed to since the New Year?:P
  2. I just purchased a YSL Muse 2 on Saturday and can't wait for it to get here! This is the bag:

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  3. Wow!!!!!!!! That 's a beautiful bag Carmen.:tup:
    Come on ladies- don't be shy -------- share your acquisitions with us :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:
  4. Thanks finickee! Have you purchased any new bags since the new year?
  5. :yes: Indeed i have - i got a Tod's Helmut in Python :cloud9:-last Friday and at 50% off too.:upsidedown:
    Just got to figure out how to upload a photo- ( i am technologically incompetent):noggin:
  6. None. I won't be buying any bags or shoes this year. I went crazy last year and I am going to use the things I bought in 2008 until they fall apart before I purchase any more.
  7. oo I can't wait to see pics! It's easy to upload a photo, just click on the 'Insert Image' icon..but you have to make sure that the pic isn't too large
  8. It was featured in another blog- that's how i came to know about it and that it was on sale.I will try to post it here - in the mean time you can try to google it- there are lots of great pics there. :idea:
  9. Got an LT Crocodile Clutch in Pewter on sale at the boutique this past Saturday. Having it shipped to me, should be here soon!

    This is what she looks like but I got Pewter.

  10. Gorgeous clutch LT- love the Croc!!!!!!!!! Great choice :drool:
  11. My LV neverfull with the stephen sprouse roses!!! i LOVE it :biggrin:
  12. Good choice blaair :tup:

    I'm sure you'll be using your neverfull often.

  13. A LAMB soft signature Wiltshire -- smoke ombre logo
    A Goldenbleu Tiffany clutch -- petrol leather
    A Hayden Harnett iPod case -- lagoon blue
    A HH Clyde tassel -- chocolate
    A HH charm -- acorn
  14. just shoes.

    Jimmy Choo boots
    Burberry rain boots.
  15. nothing so far. love that ysl! congrats!