Your Phobias

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  1. I will start with spiders. Tonight I was enjoying my Starbucks and browsing the internet in my room when I heard some weird noise on the papers on my ground (yes, there are cluttered papers on my ground). I looked down to see the biggest spider known to man (ok not that big) crawling towards me.

    My reaction: stand on top of my computer chair, scream, and finally kill the sucker with this month's Style magazine. Whew. I am gonna have to go back to the store to get another Style. :sad2:
  2. I’m afraid of spiders too (big or small), but not going to far as being diagnosed with arachnophobia. But I think I’m weary of black widow spiders more…I’ve just heard so much stuff about it (some maybe true or false).
  3. I am terrified of butterflies.

    Stop laughing at me, I'm serious!

    At least I'm not alone. Nicole Kidman is afraid of them too. The term is lepidopterophobia. There's even a website.
  4. Pigs. Giant sows, to be precise.
  5. i think butterflies are pretty gross, too. but my biggest fear are locusts. worst. creatures. ever.
  6. I've ALWAYS been scared of the dark when I'm alone!
    If i have to spend the night home alone with nobody else in the house, I turn my bedroom light off but keep the door open with the hallways lights on.

    Also scared of huge boats. Don't think I'll ever go on a cruise!
  7. I cant not stand Mouses .ILLK
  8. Emknott - don't feel bad, I'm 25 and it's only been in the past couple of years that I've been able to go to the bathroom at night without checking behind the shower door for someone standing in there, or looking behind my door when I come back. There was one night I had to spend the night alone as a teenager, and I slept on the couch with the TV on, most of the house lights on, and my dog next to me on the floor.

    I've never been afraid of mice though.

    I love snakes too, my friend's son has a ball python, I love him! He will put his tail in your pocket and wrap around your neck to stay warm (not tight tho). And once he put his head up my sleeve and laid it on my shoulder and went to sleep!!
  9. I am afraid of spiders, insects (in general), moths (terrified by them), big dogs and hens. I am little bit hypochondriac, too.
  10. I'm afraid of not being able to buy new purses....

    JK girls!!
  11. I really don't like roaches! Or termites :sad:
  12. I'm afraid of going into my house and finding some un-wanted person in there... yikes :unsure:
  13. honestly, i'm just like that. but i don't mind actually. it's better to be safe and sorry, right? i mean chances are you're never gonna find anyone behind that shower door, but it doesn't hurt to look :P
  14. hehe yeah :smile:
  15. whoops...that was supposed to mean better safe than sorry :smile: