Your PF Username - How did you come up with it?

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  1. My cats' nickname...because they meep and beep.
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    I run my own jewelry brand on Etsy. My PF name is the literal translation of my brand (that is in French originally). And this is also my IG name.
    And above all: I am a TRUE jewelry (addict) blonde.
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  4. This is my dog Storm & me. We adopted her on July 2, so that's where the 702 is from 20180702_073859.jpg
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    Posted twice, my bad
  6. Nothing creative about mine, they are my initials!
  7. Because I love handbags ! Especially LV and Chanel and I’m from La-Louisiana Such a whim -but it was do appropriate
  8. I was born in 1996, hence the name.
  9. its my name. lol
  10. Stylish (well at least I THINK I am) Medical Doctor
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  11. It’s how my professors used to mispronounce my names.
  12. I love ponies
  13. I was BigCherry because I was a “Big cherry coke fan” then @Kendie26 named her blue Céline box bag BlueCherry after me, because I love blue things, and @Vlad happily renamed me
  14. I love/collect antiques my DH affectionately refers to my antiques as junque
  15. It's my name in short :biggrin: