Your PF Username - How did you come up with it?

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  1. I ️ it! Thanks for responding!
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  2. Lmao @ stripper
    I'm NLVOEwithLV, I wonder how I came up with that?
  3. I read that as "NewLoveWithLouisVuitton"
  4. Pearls n' Jeans...

    Because I love wearing pearls even though they're not my birthstone. And I like to wear jeans and t-shirts. Then I "elevate" the casual t-shirt and jeans look by wearing my pearls.

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  5. I was pregnant when I created my profile, so I felt a bit big... like a hippo! :amuse: But, I was also happy, so it all made perfect sense. Now, I just like hippos :heart:
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  6. ...and I'm happy still, too! Though I'd mention that! :biggrin:
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  7. No, unfortunately for my wallet, I've been collecting for 16 years now. My user name is in love with LV.
  8. Awww thanks!
  9. Thanks!!
  10. Thank you SapphireGem! It's quite a long post but I'm glad you enjoyed reading it. Thanks again
  11. I second that! :smile:
  12. Hi!

    After my "online detox" of 1 1/2 years between February 2015 until mid 2016 (yeah, I did that before it was en vogue ;) lol.) and after having deleted many/most of my accounts all over the www during this step, I wanted one username to cover it all when I went online again.

    I wanted a username that was unique, spanned all of my life/interests and - if I ever wanted that - could also be used in a commercial/business setting/environment.

    So given that my interests are: mechanical watches, handmade custom knives, culinary adventures & cooking, cigars, bespoke suits, clothing & jewelry, high-end designer accessories, travel, photography ... Wich I proceeded to summarize as "black-tie" - the dress code for formal/luxurious evening events

    And then I also love working with my hands, around the house and on various type of projects. I love high-end tools and working with them... I added "DIY'er" -> Do It Yourself 'er.

    "the_black_tie_diyer" was born. Honestly, I wanted "the_black-tie_diyer" in first place - but Instagram - where I first signed up with it, wouldn't let me use both _ and - ...

    Kind regards,
  13. Mines pretty boring. I picked a completely random name and letter to use. Something so far away from my actual name that no one would ever figure out who I am :lol:
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  14. I'm a pretty jolly person, and I find starfish fascinating. :smile:
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