Your PF Username - How did you come up with it?

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  1. I figure this would be an interesting topic to post. We have so many members on tPF and I see some of the coolest and most unique usernames on here all the time. I'm just wondering how each of you come up with your username and if there's a story behind it.

    Please share!:yes:
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  2. bags + shoes = fetish

    pretty self explanatory, I know.
  3. Ok...ehrm, I like Chanel fashion, and think Coco was an ICON:heart: , so my username was gonna be 'Chanel', but I wanted it to be unique, and 'cute', so I added 'issy', and bam, chanelissy!!:yahoo:
  4. I used to listen to the Black Crowes friends gave me the nickname "crowgal" because of that.
  5. Everytime any of my friends asked me what I was wearing or carrying or what shoes I was wearing, I always found myself saying, "It's Chloe, Babe !!"

    Hence, I become known to my friends as chloe babe, and the name sort of stuck :biggrin:

    Great thread, I too, often wonder how people come up with their names :smile:
  6. My real name is Kerry, I had an Aussie friend who called me Kezza as a nickname. It was unique and I liked it, so it stuck as my standard internet nickname. :P
  7. My name is Jennifer and I live in West Virginia = JenWV
  8. Sadly I have no imagination when it comes to screen names.....So I chose my first name and last initial.
  9. Mine's pretty straightforward. It's my first name and my birthday.
  10. Awesome thread! Well, I love purses and "grrl" was an attempt to be cool 'cuz I am :supacool: :lol: .
  11. Chiara is my first name.
  12. Faith is my first name. It's a unique name but not a very imaginative username!
  13. sparkle cause I love jewelry and 67 for my birth year (very easy to remember too!)
  14. Twiggers is my cat's nickname...and actually my very first internet name back in the day of IRC (early 90s)..before screen name was goddess of twiggy (ya I was a teen then) and then I named my cat after that screen name...and now it's abbreviated.
  15. Mine is Cindylicious which is pretty cheesy but it's my nickname:flowers: