Your PF habits

  1. I'm curious how everyone uses the PF. Do you tend to stick to one forum and know every single thread in it.

    Are you a mover with a finger on every pulse?

    I have 3/4 forums I visit regularly, I would like to contribute more but can't seem to stay on top of it all. :smile: Tips or suggestions would be welcome.
  2. i usually hit "new posts" when i first get on...
    then i'll go to Louis Vuitton form...
    then switch back to new posts...
    then the general discussion...
    and just check out different threads :smile:
  3. I'm all over the place. My strategy is go to the places you frequent the most and then go to New Posts and that will help you stay on top of the most current topics in all of the forums.

    Oh and New Posts takes some time to get used to. I used to hate it when I first started doing it. Just make sure you look at the forum you're posting in because there have been times that I have been way off topic because of it.
  4. I use an RSS reader to alert me to new posts, and I open the ones that interest me in the background. I also have subscriptions (no email notification) set up for any thread that I post to and about 4 forums that interest me most highly. I find that I don't browse the general forums very much, except when my RSS reader points me to something of interest.
  5. I guess I tend to just poke around here and there, a few designer subforums, a few authenticity checks (for laughs, usually), general discussions. tPF is getting so big now, there's no way I would possibly have time or opportunity to be familiar with all the ongoing threads. I enjoy casually peeking about tPF, kind of all over, nowhere in particular.
  6. I check my couple of favorite Forums and then use "New Posts" almost exclusively.
  7. I've never used the New Posts feature. Will try now!
  8. I didn't know it was there either.:lol:

    But I mostly post in the balenciaga forum and occassionally check general discussions,celebrity, and television threads.And once in a blue pop on into the LV forum.:P
  9. I am mostly in LV sub-forum.:smile:
  10. I usually hit the B-bag and LV subforums, then General Discussion, Celebrities, and so forth. But I MUST hit my B-bags and LVs everyday! :lol:
  11. I view new posts only all the time.
  12. This is pretty close to my pattern too! I always check new posts, then LV, then general, plus Chloe, wardobe, etc. :wlae:
  13. i check general discussion first, read any threads that catch my eye, reply to those that i have an opinion on. then repeat in the celebrity, LV, jewelry, wardrobe forums. if i have time, i check new posts or other sub forums.

    i usually have multiple threads open at once, so it's not as time consuming as it sounds. :smile:
  14. I go to the General section, Hanbags & Purse, Celebrity Section, The Wardrobe, The Glass Slipper, and finally the new posts. I also like to just check other sections to see what's being talked about.
  15. i don't have a strategy!when i see something that interests me, i click, whatever forum....
    i will try with the 'New Posts' too!!!:P