Your pets, your vet and you

  1. When your pet is ill, do you actively listen to all the options to figure out what the problem is or do you expect your vet to be a miracle worker and diagnose the problem without looking into it? If you fall into the later category, why?
  2. I'm an overactive cat mother. I always explore all the options. I spend a lot of money that way, too, but at least I know I'm doing the best I can for my baby.
  3. I expect my vet to examine my pet and have a good idea of what the problem is. Isn't that her job? If she needs to run tests to find out if it is one thing or another of course I have them done. I have learned a LOT on my own about Feline Diabetes after my cat was diagnosed. I certainly don't expect my vet to be a miracle worker but if they can't figure out what is wrong with my kitty who can?
  4. I trust my vet completely. If I didn't have confidence in her ability to diagnosis and treat my pets I'd change in a heartbeat. If she feels a test or procedure is necessary I defer to her professional judgment.

    I supplement the information my vet gives me with additional knowledge, though. I read anything and everything I can on the internet and of course, the lovely ladies on tPF have been wonderful in adding their own insight. My DH actively participates in a forum for owners of the breed of dogs we have so we get additional information that way too.

    But, to answer your question, I would never, ever doubt my vet's opinion or advice. She's a wonderful doctor.
  5. I definitely listen and look into all the options. I trust the vet to know what she's doing and if she needs to run more tests to figure out what the problem is, I'll definitely do it. Whatever's best for my baby:heart:
  6. I have never had my vet just diagnose something serious without running tests. At that point, we discuss what those results mean. I feel that my vet has a better understanding of what is going on and what my pet is facing. I love my vets for their honesty and truly trust their opinion to help me make the right decisions. Like Leelee said, I supplement what my vet says with my own research, if necessary. I think think you should have a vet you trust and not second guess every step of the way.
  7. I trust my vet. I'm fortunate enough that my father is a veterinarian (non-practicing) and our vet is a classmate of his. I have also gone to veterinary school so I have an idea as to what is going when anything comes up my little kitties. I try to do my own research and would advise other owners to do the same. Just be wary of what you come across on the internet. You never know what the agenda or qualifications of some of the sites are.
  8. Usually I completely defer to her for the first 50% and then am open to suggestions for the other 50%. Meeko (adorable kitty companion 1 of 2) was chewing the back of one leg and one of her paws up. They were raw and starting to get infected. I didn't have an opinion, I just let her take over and do her veterinary medicine thing. Antibiotics are good; infection is bad. But after a few tests she couldn't pin down why Meeko was having skin problems (Maggie, adorable kitty companion 2 of 2, was fine) and stress/litter box issues. She gave me some OK suggestions but at that point it was environmental and, in my opinion, pretty much in my hands. Some of her suggestions worked, but others didn't. I don't expect her to be clairvoyant outside of what she sees in the office.
  9. I have to add that about 6 years ago, my cat's vet thought she had a tumor in her bladder, and gave her 6 months to live. I went to an internal medicine vet a few days later, and learned she really had a small bladder stone forming. It wasn't the first vet's fault, as the stone was so small it really did look like a tumor on the x-ray. Nevertheless, I am very glad I took her to a specialist for a second opinion.
  10. Being in healthcare, both my husband and I usually have some of our own ideas but we also realize that animals are different than humans. So far our vet has been able to adequately treat our whole clan of pets (3 dogs and 3 cats) and we've been fairly pleased. He does his job but he loves what he does and it truly shows. We haven't needed to get second opinions or anything else but luckily there hasn't been anything that has brought about major problems.