Your pets & STATIC!!! Help!

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  1. So it is very cold & wintery here in Toronto and i'm having a huge problem with my electric cats! Everytimei pet my 3 kittens, i'm getting shcoked all over my hands! And i usually get about 4 in one long stroke from the top of thier heads to their tails! It hurts LOL and only one of them i even saw a tiny blue spark! An tips on what i can do? I feel like taking a Bounce Dryer sheet and rubbing them with it but i don't want no chemicals or filmy stuff in their fur! Am i the only crazy one here with this problem? I'm sure they are sick of me "shocking" them too!
  2. hahaha thats too funny, I'm from GTA too and its disgustingly cold here huh!!? anyways my cat keeps coming up to me wanting cuddles and attention and i keep shocking him on the nose or his ears I feel so bad about! I was going to put some static guard on a hairbrush and bursh him with it...but I was debating the same it safe to do this? will he get sick from it?
  3. I've definitely rubbed my Piper with a Bounce sheet to decrease her static. It hasn't been a problem. And it makes her smell super clean.
  4. LOL ok i'm going to try it very lightly on them! My mom suggested static guard but i said nooooo! I think a spray will have more chemicals then the dryer sheets. I'll try the sheets and let you know how its goes! My mom on the other hand, loves static shocks! Ever since i was a kid, she would turn the tv off, rub her hand on it, & try and shock us for jokes! I hate that feeling! So she really loves petting the cats right now!
  5. I might have to do that to my girls... one of them was making a bed on a blanket a little while ago, and you could actually hear the static sparks. Ouch! Poor thing.
  6. i got a new comforter and out of the bag it was super static-y and putting it in the dryer for a bit didn't help at all. my cats like to sleep under the covers. a couple nights i woke up and would move my hands under the covers to pet them and i could see the sparks! it was kinda cool but i was only half awake.

    i suggest to everyone who had this problem to get a humidifer NOW. i have a large one for my living/dining room kitchen and a small one in my bedroom and it helps A LOT (i only use them during the winter). it doens't get rid of it completely but i can at least pet my cats without shocking them every time. if they come up and put their nose to my finger then they still tend to get shocked.
  7. LOL with my first cat a few years ago, i pet her and her tail sparked! I saw a tiny blue spark & i've seen them in my blanket once too! It scared me but i think it may have horrified the cat as well!!! It kinda reminds me of E.T. with the light on the tip of their tail or something!
  8. I need to try the drier sheets. And a humidifier is a good idea - for the last month or two, I just got used to getting a shock - until she came and put on her head near my computer giving me a larger shock than usual
  9. lol at this thread! But yes, I have the same problem! I was sitting on the floor one night, and one of my cats came over to be pet, so I was petting her and she was rubbing herself on my leg and foot and I guess my foot shocked her (I was wearing socks) and then she kept batting at my foot and then ran away! I was cracking up because it was so funny hehe. Hmm... I'll have to try that bounce sheet. I hope they won't mind the smell lol.
  10. I have the same problem, but only with my long haired cat.LOL. His fur stands up when petted. I bet they sell unscented dryer sheets. I have bad alergies and have to use certain clothes soap, so i am sure they have the unscented sheets.