Your pets' relationships...

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  1. with each other or other animals....Do you have any funny/cute stories to tell?

    My dog and cat have the strangest relationship ever. They can fight for hours at a time, chasing each other, growling and hissing, etc.
    Then they lie on the bed together and start licking each other's faces, when I walk in on them they stop abruptly and stare at me...almost as if they've been caught doing something bad. LOL!!!
    Then one of them tries to hump the other, usually the cat initates now. Finally, it's back to fighting. When I place my dog in her crate, on the rare occasions when she's being bad, the cat hangs around her and talks to her. Little meows here and there. Everytime I walk my dog and bring her back home, the cat greets her and they start running back and forth throughout the apartment together. It's adorable.
  2. Very cute, devoted. I'll just cut and paste what I posted in another thread about my babies....
    When I first got Dante (my black cat), Piper tolerated him at first. Then once she figured out that he was here to stay, she started beating the heck out of him. She was really nasty and vicious about it. She would run after him, biting where his testicles would've been (very very aggressive act). Then she would just pounce on him. Think a ball of orange and black, fur flying everywhere. He would try to get on the bed and then she would chase him off. This lasted for about three months. I came home from classes on day and they were sleeping on the bed together. Now they are inseperable. She gives him baths and he will always let her play with the good toys.
  3. Your pets are almost exactly like my dog and cat! Mine play "fight" for hours, chase one another and get excited to see each other when the dog comes back from walks. They do the licking thing too. The cat grooms the dog every night, around the same time. They like to sleep in the same round "donut" bed, curled together or right next to one another on the floor. The dog kisses the cat too. The dog has learned cat behavior- he does the stalking and low to the ground walk that a cat usually does, as well as waiting and pouncing. He's very cat like in his playing. They have a ball together! Here's a photo of when they were caught in the act grooming one another...

  4. We've had our dog Roxy for a few years now, but I've wanted a puppy for a while. I finally got one last weekend and they love each other. Roxy is a little territorial, and growls at him when he tries to eat her food or touches her when they're on the couch lol... (She wouldn't hurt him, she's gentle, but I guess she's setting some boundaries... Or is she?)
    Silly geese
    Snapped this picture after she'd been growling at him for being too close to her on the couch (Roxy is the big black one, obviously and Argyle is our new pup)
    They're cuddle bugs, secret best friends, haha
  5. When I bring my dog over to my parents' house (which is where my brother's dog stays) it is so funny to watch them. Mine is Sophie, the Maltese in my avatar and sig, and Zoe is a 13-pound Yorkie/Malt mix who is much younger. Mine will make a beeline straight out into the yard to sniff and potty and Zoe will have her nose plastered up her butt the whole time. Sometimes it looks like Sophie is going to pee on Zoe's nose she gets so close. Then if Sophie potties, Zoe will go right on top of the same spot.
  6. My beagle has a boyfriend called Percy who's a choc labrador and he lives near us. He goes for his walk at 4pm and she goes at 4:15pm but he always walks past our house to go to the field and he always runs up to the house and jumps up with his front paws on the window ledge and licks her through the glass cause she lies on the windowsil. sooo cute. She loves him soo much, they do kissing on the lips haha.

    Also I have a cat who's a year older and they will sit next to each other and whenever they make eye contact my dog always looks away, LOL, like upwards at the ceiling, she's scared of the cat.
  7. leothelnss What an adorable picture. I am so glad to see your doggies are getting along so well.
  8. So my little man is not neutered and hes quite the sexual deviant. my brothers girlfriend has a nuetered male pug and my dog is sooooo inlove with him.

    they chase each other and play for hours, in the course of which my dog will constantly hump the pug in all directions (its quite disturbing). but if you seperate them, they both will cry uncontrollably and scratch at the doors.

    they remind me of the characters in broke back mountain.
  9. Thanks! lol, yeah my pups are kinda like that, but not really so vicious. Are those them in your sig? Adorable
  10. The 2 little balls of energy pugs are sisters from the same litter and are inseparable. They are so close and never leave each others side. If something ever happened to one of them, I don't know what the other would do. My boston terrier loves them too but the bond isn't quite as strong since she's 2 yrs younger and she has a completely different calmer disposition.
    All you all's stories are so cute and were fun to read, cool thread.
  11. I've told this story before in other threads, so I just pasted it here:

    My cats Louis and Willie are not joined at the hip so they're not always together but one can sense if the other is not where they're supposed to be.

    I've mentioned how my mom accidentally closed the closet door when Willie was inside and figured that out because Louis was pacing back and forth in front of the closet making odd noises.

    My mom had to go out onto our patio to barbecue some pork. She went outside, put the meat on the grill and came back in again. When it was cooked, she went back out to get it. On her way out, she passed Louis, sitting by the patio door.

    Becuase Louis is, to quote my mother, "around like a bad smell" whenever she cooks meat, or fish, or anything, really . . . . she put little bits of pork in his dish. He didn't touch them and he stayed put by the door. It was then she figured out Willie must have slipped outside. She finally got him back in and Louis was so excited he was back inside he was cleaning him every chance he got.

    And it's not always Louis feeling that way about Willie, either. I was in my dad's study with the door closed and Willie was in the room with me. He would not move from the door and it was because Louis was on the other side of the closed door.
  12. leothelnss -- Yep Piper and Dante are in my sig. Of course, now they are fat American housecats. That is from when they were both about 5 lbs each.