Your Pets' Kooky Sleeping Postition Thread

  1. I took this pic of my kitty Muffin the other day, and my first thought was "Who sleeps like this anyway?!"

    Does anyone else have a pet that adopts enviably ridiculous and cute sleeping positions? Post a pic! :p

  2. This is Willie. This is in my parents' bathroom.
  3. This was Louis and Willie when they were kittens.

  4. Too cute!!
  5. This was from Christmas day. He had a busy day and was exhausted!

  6. Hehe these are cracking me up! Adorable...
  7. What a cute thread!
  8. Cedric as a kitten:

  9. Great thread! Adorable pics!
  10. I LOVE these pics! I'll have to take some pics of my Poms when they're sleeping. They're cute too.
  11. Here's one of Grace trying to nap. Unfortunately for her, Prince thinks it's time for grooming :p
    PRoo 011.jpg
  12. great pictures!! keep em coming!!
  13. Alright so, I took this picture during christmas...this is my mom's cat! :smile:

  14. oh how cute!!!
  15. My little one's a bizarre one:

    e sleeps on our bed but we have a towel just in case of accidents or vomiting or whatever.....