Your pets favorite treat

  1. My beloved Sabrina who has passed on now LOVED Frosty Paws and got one every night before bed. It is a dog ice cream and it was her favorite treat.

    And my Snowbunny loves freeze dried chicken.

    Here is a blurry picture of her helping herself.

    What does your pet love to snack on?:smile:
  2. ^^^^ Cute!
    My cats love chicken or ham as treats. Also a lovely tPFer sent us some Whiskas Temptations all the way from Canada. Now, they turn their little noses up at the UK version of Temptations, but these must've contained some very special ingredients, as they went crazy for them!
  3. Marble cheese. I know cats are lactose intolerant, but we do give him some every once in awhile (you try saying no when they paw at your legs, or look up at you with those big eyes).
  4. My cat loves those greenies pill holder treats. The first time he tried them was at the vets They had a jar of them and he almost knocked the top off of the jar to get to them. I ended up buying some that day
  5. Oh no one could blame you. Everyone does it once in a while. Like kittens with a bowl of milk. Just too cute.
  6. Too funny because my dog loves the Greenies pill pockets, too! He will not eat the dog ones just the cat ones and it has to be the chicken flavor. He would not touch the salmon ones at all.....:smile:
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  7. my kitties love meat or fish
    one of them also likes spagetti....just a strand or so, surprising, particularly since he's generally less interested in food than our other cat
  8. my dog loves his chicken haha
  9. Apple slices
  10. My cat Abigail goes NUTS for the Trader Joe's tuna for cats. LOL.
  11. My cat is a big fan of tuna... every time the tin opens she'll be around your feet begging to have some... and I can never resist!
  12. one dog: vanilla or strawberry yogurt... just a tiny bit... i swear she can hear me opening yogurt!
    the other dog: bonkers for greenies
  13. my dog LOVES milk!
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  14. Our dog loved bread more than meat. Every time we opened a bread bag, no matter how quietly, he'd appear. He also loved those bacon jerkies for dogs. When he came in from his last walk of the night, he got three different doggie treats. The jerky always went first, a "Pupperoni" stick second, then the Milk Bone last.