Your pets & DANGER areas of your house

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  1. Hey everyone! My 6 month old kitty is starting to jump onto a lot of places such as the freakin' kitchen stove! Ok well he tried to! My mom & grandmother also told me they have seen him try this & chased him away! I think once he got up there but thank God it was off! How do i keep him away from there for good? There is no doors to the kitchen & i'm scared he will jump there even if its still hot on the surface! Maybe i should buy those covers but ours is a flat top stove. Also, another bad habit my cats have is jumping on our kitchen table. They usually won't attempt this when we are around but one cat especially just loves sleeping on it. They only jump down when we yell or take them off. Does anybody have these problems or any other dangerous house hotspots i should think about? Any solutions? Thanks always love teh stories and advice here! :tup:
  2. I caught one of my cats sleeping in the kitchen sink. And I believe she pees into the sink, it smells like cat pee sometimes. Another one jumps and walks all over the kitchen counter top when I'm not in the kitchen. I'd find paw prints and fur all over the counter. I make sure that when the stove is turned on, I never leave it unsupervised. And when I'm not in the kitchen, i turn off the main switch for the stove.
  3. ^ Yup one of my cats loved to sleep in sinks! Thankfully she never peed in one although she did pee on my $400 duvet once. We never leave our stove unsupervised although my grandmother will leave a pot on and go grab something but i'm scared that after we are done cooking, the surface is till hot & i pray they don't jump near there!

    Is that your cat in your avatar? Soooooo cute!
  4. Oh did I mention that same cat who sleeps in sinks, peed on my duvet too? She seemed pretty pleased with herself after that.

    The cat in my avatar is my 18-year-old Kitti. That photo was taken when she was 2 years old. She is the love of my life!
  5. My cats are not supposed to be on the kitchen counters; however, I know that they are there because I have seen a few paw prints on the white countertops. At least they don't do it when I can see them. When they were younger, I would use a squite bottle. When I caught them on the counters or anywhere they weren't supposed to be, I would just soak them with water. It worked ... kinda.
  6. OMG what a sweetie! Awww i had a cat who was the love of my life for 14 years! I still miss her so much! But my 3 new kitties have filled that void in my heart that i never thought would ever happen!

    Aklein- i'll try squirting them! I need to go to the dollar store and buy some kids squirt guns! Uggghhh i hate that whole "curiousity killed the cat" saying. I hope it will never be true!
  7. OK I confess. We have 2 squirt guns at home, which were meant to be used when the cats are doing something they're not supposed to, like fighting or nibbling the plants. Problem is boyfriend thinks it's now a game, and he hides in a corner to ambush them. Boys will always be boys, I guess.:shrugs: