Your personality - Visual DNA test

  1. Try a visual DNA test to determine your personality type...

    I came out with:

    Mood: Dreamer

    Fun: Escape Artist

    Habits: Back to basics

    Love: Home soul
  2. Nice Game Merika. I just completed it:

    Mood: Go-Getter
    Fun: Escape Artist
    Habits: High-Time Roller
    Love: Love Bug
  3. Here is mine:

    Moods: Dreamer

    Fun: Conqueror

    Habits: High Time Roller

    Love: Love Bug
  4. Mine:

    Fun-Escape Artist
    Habits-New Wave Puritan
    Love-Love Bug

    Thanks for posting, that was fun/interesting.
  5. This was fun~! Mine is:

    Moods: Sofisticat
    Fun: Conqueror
    Habits: New Wave Puritan
    Love: Home Soul

    It's pretty *me*, actually!
  6. This is about 1/2 me.

  7. Mood: Sofisticat
    Fun: Thriller
    Habits: High Time Roller
    Love: Love Bug

    The first three are pretty much spot on, but I feel I'm more of a Nice 'n Cheesy when it comes to love :p
  8. Sofisticat
    Escape Artist
    Junkie Monkey
    Love Bug
  9. Moods: Sofisticat
    Fun: Thriller
    Habits: Junkie Monkey
    Love: Love Bug
  10. This was fun:smile:

    Escape Artist
    New Wave Puritan
    Love Bug
  11. I have never do a quiz before that come out so true to me that is brilliant.

    MOOD = Easy Rider Romantic with a taste for the exotic you love feeling the sea breeze in your hair and the sun on your skin. You have a traditional eye (art) and you believe that great art stands the test of time.

    FUN= Escape Artist Your Thirst for affection never drops you have a high sex drive and appetite for lurve :blush:
    HABITS = High time roller you treasure your possessions, if you look good you feel better but you are not neurotic about making healthy choices. You have an easy going care free approach & a sweet tooth (so true!!). You have cool contemporary taste & see yourself as a trendsetter.

    LOVE = Love Bug When you think of freedom you think of living for here and now. Pretty fearless & take any oppotunity given to you.

    That's right I'm here for a good time not a long time baby!!
  12. OMG that was a fantastic test! i enjoyed it a lot! thank u! :heart: :nuts:
    mood: easy rider
    fun: thriller
    habits: new wave puritan
    love: love bug
  13. mood: easy rider
    fun: escape artist
    habits: new wave puritan
    love: love bug

    that was fun thanks! :smile:
  14. it's fun:smile:

    mood: sofisticat
    fun: worker bee
    habit: new wave puritan
    love: love bug
  15. Starting with your style, turning heads is not a priority - you prefer classic comfort. You like objects to be useful and make life a little easier.
    You get your kicks from the arts, you're a culture vulture - in the know, well read and full of opinions! Life for you is enriching, you are out to satisfy your curiosity.
    Never one to bum about - you like to feel special and dip your toes into a more charmed lifestyle.
    Dipping your toes into culture hotspots is your thing. Galleries, monuments and coffee houses are your idea of a good time.
    So... you like to indulge yourself now and again. Life is a bore when you stick by the rules the whole time!
    To impress - a ticket to a far flung destination would really melt your heart. You've got the travel bug bad.
    When extra time appears, you want to gratify your curiosity and imagination - you are on a quest for knowledge.
    You love the elegance of a grand occasion, getting dressed up and making the most of any event. Wherever you go, you like to feel neat, chic and sophisticated.