Your Personal Celebrity Sightings & Experiences

  1. Have you ever met a celebrity? Have you observed one from afar? What did you observe/experience? Don't be afraid to tell all!! :biggrin: bleep out their name if you have too!:supacool:
  2. I work at warner bros so I see celebs all the first I was very excited...but now...ehhh...

    I've seen brad pitt, george clooney, julia roberts, the ER cast, gilmore girls cast....and of course my favourite .....Keanu Reeves
  3. I saw Mel Gibson a years ago filming a movie in Chicago. I remember thinking he was shorter than I thought compared to the movies. I went to visit my cousins in New Jersey a few years ago and went to a health club with them and saw Aidan Quinn. Nearly died. . . .I thought he was gorgeous in Legends of the Fall. I didn't say anything because I was too shy, and I wanted to respect his privacy.
  4. ^^^^omg u've seen the gilmore girls cast??? lucky girl i love them. If u don't mind me asking what do u do at warner bros

    I went to mr.chow in bevery hills last year and i was standing next to ryan seacrest and had no idea why ppl were taking pics with him until they siad his name. He's really short.

  5. I am their external auditor....boring....
  6. At Ben Stiller's 40th birthday party I met Ben Stiller (shorter than I expected) his wife (way too skinny - could see her chest bones), Drew Barrymore (loved here, was tinier than expected - GORGEOUS), Jimmy Falon (super nice and cool). Saw Vince Vaghn (looked better than I expected, as I don't really find him attractive), Matthew Perry (looked older in person, but still found him handsome), Kate Hudson (BEAUTIFUL, but was smoking), and a couple other's that I can't remember.
  7. sekmeht, Are Julia & Brad gorgeous? or would you pass them by without a second glance? (or any of them, except Keanu of course;) )

    I love Keanu too btw..i know he must be tdf in real life:love:

    Blue Butterfly I can't believe you were at Ben's party!! That must have been so exciting...

    you guys are such lucky girls

  8. girl u get to see the gilmore girls cast ur job is wicked in my eyes
  9. I was saw Anita Baker the singer in a clothing store in Michigan . Ms Baker tried to pretend that she was not Anita Baker and refused to sign autographs for some of her fans. MY sister and I just laughed because her record sales were not very good at the time.
  10. They look pretty normal actually unless they all dressed up to shoot a scene....Julia looked pretty ordinary....not the best dresser....

    lauralai gilmore...the mum in gilmore girls is gorgeous IRL ....a natural beauty. so is the daughter.....they look gorgeous even without makeup...

    ahhh yes...keanu is gorgeous...IRL....just gorgeous...

    when I am sitting in the commissary...its like a canteen....on the lot I get to see many of the actors and actresses...but we are not allowed to talk to them or take pics...we have to sign an agreement before we start working on the lot.

    Bruce willis is also really cute....he always brings his girls to the lot...they are adorable...

    its kinda normal for me now....since I have been there for a while....they really just are people after all....famous people though...hehehehe
  11. you are too funny....yes when I first got to work on the lot I went crazy everytime I saw an actor / actress. I'd be on the phone telling my hubby or mum that I just saw so and so.....

    what I really enjoy is that sometimes I get to watch how they are filming....I got to see a filming of ER & Gilmore girls.....I often walk past stars hollow to get my chai at the starbucks on the lot.
  12. really u can't talk to them?? i understand why but that sucks

  13. wow i'm becoming envious.
    I don't know what i would do if i got to work on the wb lot. First day i'd prolly have to lock myself up in a washroom stall so i can control myself from running up and saying hi to everyone

  14. yes we are not allowed to initiate any conversation with them....unless they greet us then that's different. trust me non of them do...they keep to themselves.

    keanu did greet me. I could not help myself. I had this huge cheesecake smile. so he had to greet and say hi. and we exchanged only a couple of words. he thought I was an extra in a movie or struggling actress. I told him I was just a boring auditor. ;)
  15. i find this all so intresting.
    haha u prolly scared keanu j/k