Your Personal anti-Flu Tips and Tricks Please

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  1. Hi Ladies,

    I have been in bed with a blocked nose, ringing ears, a headache and muscle aches since 3 days and am really 'sick' of being sick. :crybaby:

    Could you please be so kind to share your personal tips and tricks to cure a flu quicker?

    Thanks in advance!:yes:
  2. Hi, when I'm sick, I drink lot of OJ and swallow slowly honey mixed with fresh lime juice. Wish you get well soon :smile:
  3. Try some Echinacea. I am a big fan.
  4. no tips to clear it quicker, but i've found that since I started taking a multivitamin I have gotten sick a lot less! Maybe you could try working on prevention :yes:
  5. sorry to hear that...i was sick all last week and it wasn't fun at all! i drank a lot of fluids (OJ, tea, vitamin water), ate a lot of chicken soup and took vitamin C and echinacea. make sure you also get plenty of rest. hope you feel better soon!
  6. I don't know, I never get sick!! Well, almost never. I think I have a high resistance due to being a nurse. OTC meds control the symptoms but they don't necessarily help you get better more quickly. Just rest, force fluids, take Motrin for the body aches...and next year, get a flu shot!
  7. My mom is a huge fan of hot lemon juice with honey in it...

    I dunno if it works. I drank it one night and all I could think about was how sour it was, even with a ton of honey in it, lol. I did feel kinda better the next day though :smile:
  8. Try some Echinacea. I am a big fan.

    Oh, Megs, I am too. AND, be sure it's echinacea ROOT. Go to a health store and keep enchinacea root (in capsule form) on hand. It's important to take it with the first sneeze or that "feeling" that you're about to come down with something. Definitely take it the first day you feel a cold or flu coming. Two days later will not have the same effectiveness. Like now, I've taken 1 capsule every 2 hours because I have had that "feeling" since earlier today

    The National Pharmaceudical (sp. is wrong) Center is at Ole Miss, and the head of the center spoke to our book club in Oxford a few years ago. I asked her (in the q & a part) if she thought it was as good as advertised, and she said, "Oh yes!! In fact we're trying to get the go-ahead to make it here." The key is to take it at the first possible sign of something coming on, and to get the Echinacea root. (100% - the leaves mixed in with the root make it less effective.) Don't take it with food. You must not have eaten either 10 mins. before you take it, or 10 mins afterwards. I asked the health store person twice if I had understood that correctly, because that didn't seem very long to me at all. She said that was correct. Some bottles *say to take it with food, so that may be the reason for waiting the 10 mins. before and after...but not too much longer than that.

    Good grief. It is later than even I thought, and I don't have time to read over this to check if I made sense at all. Night all, and I'll come back tomorrow and edit. :smile:
  9. Goodness. I get wordy when I'm sleepy, huh?

    Cliff notes version....Take Echinacea root every two hours for the first few days you have cold symptoms. The end. :smile:

    Oh, and what happened to the 'Edit' button?
  10. I take a washcloth and get it wet. Try to wring out most of the water then place in the microwave for one minute. It will be nice and steamy. Hold over nose and breath in. It really helps to open your nasal passages. You may have to repeat several times. After the first time in the micro usually only 30 seconds is needed after that.

    I even do this in the winter when I wake up because the air is so dry. It really helps! Kind of like those nice towels they give you on the airplane!
  11. Thanks so much ladies.:flowers: I followed your advise and drank loads and am feeling a lot better.:yes: And I will certainly try enchinacea next time I feel bad! Thanks again- I really appreciate it!
  12. Amen, Sister Megs! :rochard:

    While Echinacea won't cure your current ills, if you take it daily from October to April or May (depending on where you live), it will keep you healthy as a horse! I swear by it. Since I started this regime three or four years ago, I've not even had so much as a head cold!
  13. I don't know why it works but it does-Zinc. I get Zicam. It tastes awful but it works. As soon as I start feeling bad I begin using it. I don't get nearly as sick and I feel 100% better in a couple of days.
  14. Cool mist humidifiers help a lot. I didn't use or really understand the benefits of them until I had kids and when they first starting getting colds I got one and used it for them and just happend to try it for me. It really works to clear my head and makes me feel better faster. You can get one for about $60 at a drug store.

    hope you're feeling better soon.
  15. ^^^Mine's running right now. The dry air in the winter (from heaters, fireplaces and lower humidity outside) dries out your sinus membranes causing them to split open (icky sounding, but that's our bodies!)and that leaves us more vulnerable to airborne germs getting into our system. That's why it's good to have one going. In my case, our house is so dry this winter that I feel like a shriveled old woman, my dog's skin is itchy and DH's hands are practically dry rotted! I hate the noise mine makes but broooother, has it cleared my sinuses since I started running it.

    Also a little bit of spray mist saline, like Ocean a couple of times a day will help keep the sinuses moisturized as well. And it's not addictive like Afrin and other brands of OTC nasal decongestants.