Your period and bathroom habits?

  1. Is it just me or does everyone else's bathroom habits change when they have their period? I am usually an extremely regular, once in the morning person. But, when I have my period, I go about 3 times per day. I just find it odd.
  2. I noticed that loverly side effect almost from day one. That and by around the third day, all the water that my body has stored from PMS decides it needs to pay a visit to the loo also!

    Yup, COME ON MENOPAUSE!!! I am SO ready for it!! :yahoo:
  3. i think coz the body is going through so much stuff.. but yeah, same here, it does change....
  4. my body goes "oh, wait, you know all that water we stored up to make you feel fat and even MORE depressed while you had PMS? we need to get rid of that now before it squirts out your ears, so we're going to need you to pee a couple dozen times a day, but you're only going to need to at times that are REALLY inconvenient for you. does that sound ok? no? well sorry, gotta do it anyway."
  5. :roflmfao:

    even when i was 12 i used to wish there was a switch somewhere...on when you want babies, off for other 90% of your life. :yes: only 35 more years til menopause! ;)
  6. Yep...Me too. The first day of my period I have very loose stool. And then on the rest of the days, it seems like I have to go right after I change my tampon - which screws up the whole thing, makes it feel uncomfortable and then I have to start all over again! >:o Sorry if that's gross :sad:
  7. Nishi,
    Now this may seem gross....=)
    But, once a day isnt regular! Our bodies need to go 3 times /day (after EVERY meal) Otherwise we are holding in all those toxins & food/crap (literally).
    The average person has up to 9 undigested meals in them that can = up to 65 lbs of ...... Anyway, colon cancer is on the rise & we wonder why we are sluggish/tired etc.
    Sorry for all the details =) Just know that going 3-5x's a day is awesome!
  8. Wow, I thought I was regular too going once each day. 3 - 5X's a day?!!!
    I better run to Costco for more toilet paper, LOL!!
  9. Ha! Ha! I thought it was only me that went thru that!...But I havent had a period for over 2 years, doctors dont know why, (I'm 47), but I think its job hormones and everything are normal according to my physical 2 weeks ago...I am not complaining!

  10. me too!! When I first got it, I couldn't even wrap my head around the fact that I had to deal with it once every month for almost forty years!! :yucky:
  11. Ever since I turned 40, it's been a faucet running and in the bathroom every hour to take care of business...cramps went away but my lord the flow is unreal... I hear this is common for a lot of ladies in their 40's..? Anyone else out there?
  12. Are we takling about #1 or #2??? Only ONE #1 in the morning.... no offence but that is weird... I wee about 10 times a day no matter what time of the month it is.

    As for #2, for me they change when I have my period. More frequent.
  13. PMS is totally wasted on me! If I have kids I would need someone to do a surrogative pregancy for me. So why must I keep bleeding my damn pants off! What I hate more is that after all these years I'm still irregular and I hate not knowing that people might not be staring at me for my ass, but for whats on it!
  14. the second day is the worst from me from cramps to non stop #2!!!:shame:
  15. This feeling is generally very common because prostoglandins cause your uterus to contract and this irritates the bowel.