Your perfect wallet...

  1. ...what is your personal favorite/perfect wallet. (Even if it's not a Coach.)

    I'd start but I don't have one at the moment...I'm on a quest to find one!

    OK - I'm talking style filled with cash is not the answer I'm looking for! :p
  2. My coach signature mini wallet in brown/khaki. I :heart: it because it is so cute and classy yet casual... I dunno... I just really like it a lot!!!

  3. I have a brown hamptons python strip envelope wallet and it's awesome. I have a ton of cards and it fits all of them without getting bulky and has multiple compartments for bills, receipts and coins. It's actually the first wallet I've ever owned that doesn't get ridiculously huge with all my stuff in it!
  4. i like the legacy stripe framed french purse.. i also love it in black ...
    just think the style is so cool looking.
  5. My Coach Hamptons Signature Slim Envelope Wallet. I love all the pockets for my style club cards...funny how I have only one credit card!
  6. Are you in need of a smaller or larger wallet?
  7. I think maybe - medium. I have a number of cards (credit, membership, sales, etc.) that I like to "organize." I like having bills and change in their own places too.

    I like to keep my checkbook separate.
  8. I would highly recommend my wallet. It's perfect for the numerous cards I have. But also, I really don't like it when I have to stuff it into smaller handbags. My smallest and ONLY small one being my East West demi. It kind of sucks that I have to rotate wallets to my medium-sized Optic Signature wallet.
  9. my black leather mini skinny...

    i dont carry a lot, so i dont need a big bulky wallet - thank god!
  10. my coach soho sig slim envelop it to death!
  11. My fave Coach wallet is slim envelope, and after that, the accordion zip style.

    favorite overall wallet... well, look at my signature :smile: The LV Koala.
  12. Coach Soho Buckle Compact Clutch
  13. Ditto to all three!! I have found that I pretty much like any zip around wallet, and the LV mongram Koala wallet is sooooo cute.......
  14. I love the legacy french framed wallets...I have the black and the legacy stripe.
  15. I'm verrry picky about wallets. The one I use all the time now is a blue soho checkbook wallet. I don't know the exact name for it but it's perfect for me!