Your perfect summer Mulberry outfit?

  1. It may be freezing fog here today but I'm already dreaming of floaty dresses, floppy linen trousers & sparkly flip flops. Best bit of the daydream is - which bag should I carry?
    So what's your ideal summer outfit and which Mulberry bag will you be carrying with it?
  2. ^^^^^^^^^^^ Ooooh we're talking exactly the same language!!! Mmmm, which bag!!!! Nearly took out my teal Helier yesterday,but Hanover won me over,and wow am I chuffed,I think she will be a staple bag this summer!!! Along with Pinky!!
  3. I love linen skirts, tees and cardigans (of course!) and wedges. I just found a scrummy pair of Ugg wedges that I must have. They are :drool: worthy.
    I really like Uggs and I wear them all the time in winter, but I have never seen their summer shoes. The chestnut colour goes perfectly with my oak bags!

    I also bought a fab pair of Dior sunglasses last summer that I only got to wear a few times. I am really looking forward to summer this year!!
  4. Oooo,I got a gorgeous pair of Prada aviators,and have been dying for some decent sunshine!!! Linen trousers,white vest,birkenstocks,Prada sunnies.......................bag??
    Maybe a nice urban looking Alfie in stone color?? Of my oak Hanover??? Or Pinky?? Mmm, too many descions to make!!!!
  5. Oh no - I've got three "summer" bags (pale blue, chalk & rose pink) and none of them are Mulberry :push:

    Actually, my olive Phoebe will probably be a summer bag. Mr Dita bought me a wide woven belt at Christmas and it is the exact same colour as Phoebe... the spooky thing is he hadn't even seen her at that point ;) So, cropped jeans, white linen oversized shirt, olive belt, olive Phoebe and Birkenstocks :tup: Am definitely going to be rocking the oversized sunnies look again this year. After binning 2 pairs of glasses that I got from Primark last year (they looked FABULOUS but gave me such a headache :tdown:) I think I'm going to splash out on a decent pair :yes: I've got some Chloe, MbyMJ and a couple of pairs of Gucci shades but think I may go for Tom Ford this time. It's a shame the Mulberry glasses were a bit uninspiring :rolleyes:

    Lovely thread, sarajane :tup: makes me really look forward to my summer holiday :yahoo:
  6. I'm not really a floaty dress type of girl, and since Summer never really comes to North Scotland, i'll be looking forward to wearing Jeans and a T-shirt and carrying my pink Mulberry which I have forgotten the name of, it's like a mini Roxanne. Will have to look for pink sandals but I already have a pair of wine&pink trainers that actually thinking about it now will go perfectly. :yahoo:
  7. I do think the Mulberry sunglasses are very uninspiring for £250. When you think you can get a really nice pair of Chanel for under £200.
    I really don't think the designers take the Mick too much on sunglasses, so what is Mulberry playing at?
  8. It's a collaboration with Cutler & Gross. When I read that it was like "ooohhhhhh, *now* I get it". The sunnies are very C&G. I don't understand why Mulberry have commissioned them, though. I'd have expected Mulberry sunglasses to be classic and understated :confused1:
  9. Ah, okay.
    I think they look too dated. Not exactly a smart fashion buy if you are going to look like queen of unfashionable after a year or two.
    Not that I buy into all of that trendy nonsense...
  10. I bought my Prada aviator sunnies as they suited me,I looked too much like a fly in any other of the big trendy sunnies that are doing the rounds!!!
    Maybe mine are a lil off trend,but they suit me,maybe that was what Mulberry are going for?? A suits kind of thing as opposed to a trend thing??
  11. Have you seen the Mulberry glasses? A technicolour adventure :lol: I'm not sure they'd suit anyone. They're certainly not classics :nogood:

    IKWYM about the fly thing - DH calls me Bono when I wear any of my oversized sunnies :shame:
  12. I loooooove sunnies! I bought a pair of big black D&G ones last year - v Jackie O, love 'em.
    I've a narrow head apparently so D&G fit me best (DH thinks this highly amusing as nothing else about me is narrow!). I've got a brown D&G pair, an old D&G pair that live in the car & a reddy brown pair of Fendis.
    I'm lusting after a pair of black Pradas I spotted at Bristol Airport duty free which I'm gonna snap up at the end of the month - off for a girls' trip to Guernsey so DH won't be with me!!
  13. I'll probably be in a black t-shirt, cream linen trousers and wearing my oak annie this summer!
  14. Black cropped trousers,white shirt,red mabel. White trousers,t-shirt and oak Annie. I could go on,with multiple outfits,but when you have a great bag who cares,it will make any outfit fab!