Your Perfect Boyfriend Outfit

  1. I was looking in my closet and was overwhelmed by the choices. I turned to my boyfriend and he said he loves me in my Paper Denim jeans, white french cuff shirt and driving loafer.

    So this got me thinking -- do you ladies have a "perfect boyfriend/husband outfit"? The outfit that you just love seeing them in?
  2. Birthday suit!! LOL JK. I like the "I just got off the office" look.. like wearing a suit but taking the jacket off and rolling up the sleeves, some buttons undone.. that sort of thing. I don't think it's really an outfit per se, but I find guys look hot that way.
  3. oooh, i like that look too!
    also, i like guys wearing preppy looks...i find myself drawn to guys in Lacost pols for some reason.
  4. Button down shirts with the sleeves rolled up and jeans. Nice shoes... not a big fan of the athletic shoe with everything... or socks and sandals.
  5. Hahaha this is fun! I have two possibilities:

    1.) A black leather blazer by either Armani or John Varvatos worn over a black or dark burgundy button down shirt with dark wash jeans, black Prada ankle boots, and Tom Ford Sunglasses.

    2.) A black, knee length pea coat with a grey turtleneck, silver Dior Homme waxed jeans, and black Prada ankle boots.

    I'd never want someone who is too similar to me or as theatricle or flamboyant in dress as I am, but I'd like it if his style was similar to mine (obviously, with the right person, it doesn't matter though). I tend to dress in a sort of rocker chic style so it'd be cool if they could have that vibe as well : )
  6. I'd have to agree with the just out of the office look. Dark pants (not jeans), white shirt with a button or two undone, sleeves rolled to mid-forearm.

    I'm also a fan of cargos (shorts or pants) and casual button-down shirts. No athletic shoes unless he is actively exercising.
  7. I like seeing the BF in a band T-shirt or a blue and brown striped polo (that I picked out for him, of course!) with a white tee underneath, dark denim jeans and Reef sandals :nuts:
  8. i love seeing him in a pit shirt, nicely fitted dark jeans, and a pair of Ferrari Pumas
  9. Neked
  10. I don't have a BF but I think men look best in suits.
  11. I like my DH in his office-wear: button-down shirt, slacks, nice shoes. Boring but the boy looks gooooood.

    I also like it when he goes casual: relaxed fit jeans (he has a cool striped pair), baseball jersey (shows off his broad shoulders and lean build), and flip-flops. Down-to-earth, simple, and manly. Hot as hell!!!
  12. That sounds sooo hot! (too bad my boyfriend does not need to wear the "office look" for his job) But I like him in some diesel jeans and a plain white shirt with a nice belt and some white sneakers. I like a very "clean cut" look.
  13. I like him best in a suit :biggrin:

    Other than that, I love the outfit he was wearing when we first met - he's amazed I can remember every single detail down to the brands lol.He was wearing these great jeans - later turned out to be Cavalli with a Just Cavalli belt, and a black fitted Fabrizio Corona's t-shirt (the Italians on the board will get it) with a silver cross and Armani sunnies he looked soo hot , I was so surprised he liked me lol :smile:)))
  14. Your outfit sounds tops to me! I love my DH in similiar, in a casual "I didn't try so hard" way.

    OH and just about anything I see Beckham in. I know VB doesn't have a stylist so I assume she must help him out... just another reason I love those two! :heart:
  15. I have to agree with everyone else.. I love my BF wearing a slick suit (I'm partial to Gucci and Armani).

    But I also think he looks really cute in his PDCs and a plain white tee. It's a nice, clean look.