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  1. Do you have your own SA? If so, how did you go about sticking to one person?

    I had an SA that I would 9 out of 10 times buy from, but the other day I went into my usual boutique to buy a couple of things and I just let an SA who saw me first assist me. I didn't realize that my usual SA was there until he came out of the back room, so when I saw him, of course we said hi and chatted a bit. I was already in the process of purchasing everything, so I felt kind of bad that I had "cheated" on my SA.

    I usually just go into a store and grab the first SA I see. (It just so happens that my "usual" SA is there most of the time, so when I go in and we see each other, of course he assists me.) We are not particularly close and there are some moments I feel a bit awkward when I talk to him (for some reason)...I guess you could say he's not VERY friendly or anything. He has invited me to an event once, though, but he didn't even assist me when I went! So I pretty much have dealt with about 5 SAs in that one store (I also go to other stores).

    Is this okay, or should I try to build a relationship with one? I feel awkward ditching my "usual" SA to become loyal to another SA because he hasn't done anything particularly wrong. I am also thinking of switching stores, which might make things easier. I just want an SA that is a bit more attentive and tells me when new things are coming in! I have bought TOOOONS from him, but I don't see any special treatment except for the one event invite.

    How do you only keep one SA? Do you call the store to see if she/he is in before you go? (And don't go unless your SA is there?) Tell me your secrets!
  2. I like to keep my SA. I bought only 4 items from her but she's very nice so I stay with her. She sent me new year's card & put the LV postcard in my receipt holder (which I love). And she calls me when things arrive plus telling me about new item (I waitlist for the Mahina XS bc of her).

    Whenever I need something, I call the store and ask to speak with my SA. And when I come in, I ask to see her. Before that I call to let her know that I'm coming in. I like to stick to someone I know like hair, car, etc. I hate trying new thing because you don't know what you're getting and you may not be happy with the result.
  3. Its really a personal preference. You don't need to have a specific SA and you don't need to build a relationship. Its helpful but not necessary. I know most of the SAs and two of the managers so I just get help from whomever is free.
  4. purse_lover, your SA sounds great! She is exactly the type of SA that I'd like to build a relationship with. The one that I buy the most from doesn't really give me that type of treatment, though I have bought countless things from him.

    BagsRME, I do realize that I don't really need to stick with one SA (and that's why I just walk into a store and go to the first person I see), but I do want to build a relationship! I thought it was cool that I got invited to an event, so I want more of those kind of things, as well as being called for new items. I suppose I could suggest this to my SA, but I want someone whom I can connect with more easily!
  5. It's a two-way street: you have to instigate a relationship but the SA has to be interested in maintaining it. My SA just happens to be really nice- I didn't volunteer information about myself at first but now she knows all about my family, my b-day, my tastes, etc. It really just started with me buying something from her by chance- she was really pleasant so the next time I needed something I called and specifically ased for her (I always order over the phone from Hawaii). From there I started buying only from her, as she was always nice and had great info way before 99% of the other SAs. Over time I learned her schedule and arranged my calls around that. I really only see her in person once a year when we take our annual vacation, so I usually stop in a couple times over the course of the week to chat with her and to check out the things I'm interested in getting in the future. Same goes for my Hawaiian SA at Tiffany, which is literally directly across from LV.

    Really I think it's the luck of the draw whether or not you get a great SA or not.
  6. My SA = my best friend...I simply don't go to the store if she has a day off. It's asewome to have her working at LV. Hope she stays there for a long time :smile:
  7. ^I KNOW!!! I seriously don't know what I'd do with myself if my SA ever left- the other SAs at my boutique barely speak English (and if they do it's barely comprehendible and heavily accented).
  8. This sounds similar to my situation! Except that my SA is really nice and provides excellent service, but I still wouldn't consider myself close to him at all, since I am really shy and find small talk to be awkward. Most of the time I stop by, he happens to be there so I purchase through him. But when I don't see him in, I just accept help from whoever approaches me first. I do feel a bit bad for "cheating"...but I'm sure they understand you didn't know they were in. I personally can't bring myself to ask for his hours or even call to see if he's there because I would feel too much like a stalker :shame: So I guess I just leave it up to chance! If you don't have these irrational concerns like I do, then I'd suggest just giving your store a ring before you go to see if the SA you want is in :tup:
  9. I have an SA. She was the first person I bought from when I walked into LV for the very first time....and I was looking rather sloppy that day.

    She showed me a lot..and I bought a ton actually that day. Then she would call to ask if I needed things every so often..and she has been my SA ever since. She calls on every holiday, and when new items come out that she knows I would well as all the new seasonal/LE items.

    I also send her flowers, and gifts every so often to show my appreciation. She also sent me a beautiful Christmas gift too...I really adore her.

    ..also.. I wanted to add that if you have a relationship with your SA.....he/she already knows that you are going to buy...therefore getting LE items are much easier.
  10. Peach, I don't think there is anything wrong with being assisted by various SAs when you shop. You don't need to feel bad about "ditching" your usual SA. However, there are some advantages to establishing a relationship with a particular SA. If you feel your current SA isn't being attentive enough, then by all means seek out someone you feel is more eager to help you.

    My SA is very good about knowing my tastes. She remembers everything I've ever bought from her, so when I go into the store she knows exactly what I already own. She even put my name on the waitlist for the vernis and miroir hearts as soon as she heard about them, because she knew I'd want them. I feel very confident dealing with her because I know she will look out for my interests.
  11. ValleyO, thanks for your input! May I ask why you only purchase from the Hawaii stores and not the ones closer to you? (I see that you're in Sacramento).

    elle, ahhh! That's exactly what I mean. I'm on friendly terms with my current SA, but like you, the small talk is very awkward -- I've had better small talk (and more engaging conversations) with other SAs! I will try to give him a call beforehand to let him know that I'm a serious buyer with him...but he should already know that. I want a more attentive SA!

    photomama, you're so lucky that you met a knowledgeable SA on your first go! That's a true saleslady to me -- someone who is educated about their products and are friendly and helpful, no matter who they're dealing with!

    susee, thanks for assuring me! I'm really wanting an SA like yours -- someone who want to keep up with my tastes and will waitlist/inform me about new products! I really didn't know anything about the valentine hearts because I had been on vacation (not going on TPF) and the SA didn't call me or anything, although he knows I like shiny, cute things! I'm going to take your suggestion and go seek out someone else -- it's just that doing it is the hard part, especially within the same store. That's why I'm thinking of switching stores also....
  12. I have one main SA whom I get along with great! I spend more time chatting to her than looking at items hehe. But a few times when I've come in she either wasn't there or was helping another customer. So I've been able to mingle a bit and deal with two other SAs there whom I've become comfortable with now :smile: I've received postcards and event invitations from the three of them so I'm pretty lucky!
  13. i was lucky enough to be introduced to my current SA. she and i get along so well. as mentioned before, there are some advantages to maintaining a relationship with one SA. with mine she knows what kinds of bags i prefer, what may be "my style," and bags i have in my collection. this also helps in getting on waitlists and getting LE items.

    i always call ahead to find out my SAs hours so that i can go and see her when i make purchases. also if i'm calling to waitlist and she's not in, i make sure that they put down that she's my regular SA (so she can get the credit for the sale).

    plus, she finds it interesting and funny that i have information before she does. and she's always asking me to call her asap when i find out any new info and such.
  14. I have an SA but I also get helped by others because she works strange hours. She got me the silver heart so I am grateful to her for that. She always finds it so interesting that I have all this info before she does too!
  15. At the Louis Vuitton boutique here in Minneapolis I had one SA which I actually started working with after I figured out he was also a performer at The Gay 90's here...So usually whenever I went to LV I would usually seek him out and talk to him...There was always this other woman there too who would remind me of a sweet, old fashioned southern woman from New Orleans, who was there and would chat with me...So I recently found out today whe I called on an item that my main SA had decided to take a job somewhere else and he sad left...MY HEART SANK!!! However I tlaked to the southern gal tonight and told me that my new iPod Multicolor case had come in XD SOOO EXCITED!!!