Your own clothing shop

  1. if you were to name your own clothing shop, what would you name it as?
  2. Babydoll
    Or probably something similar since I'm sure someone used that already. That was the nickname my dad gave me when I was little so that's what I like lol.
  3. you could name it babydoll's cupcakes.......hehe ;)

    I have been trying to come up with a name for a business I want to start of personal shopping but it's hard to think up the right name!
  4. The ShimmaFabulous Institute for the Advancement of Rainment Adoption
  5. "Trophy Wife Couture"
  6. I would research THOROUGHLY the words my target clientele would use if they wanted to buy specific products locally. I would ask everyone and their mothers and sisters.

    Only then would I name my new business.

    Good luck!
  7. Haha. Then I'd want to open a cupcake store! :drool:
  8. Every time i see your pic < And sig it makes me want cupcakes!!! :hysteric: Someone bess get me some sprinkles cupcakes! i keep hearing about them everywere! but i live in England so neh:sad:

    ANYWAY! lol
    Mine would be

  9. I kept hearing about the Sprinkles cupcakes too (Oprah show), so I went down to Bev Hills to get them and IMO, they suck! They taste like they don't have any sugar in them. ICK!
  10. I'm not really sure...probably something one worded, maybe a french word.
  11. "Cynosure" because vainly, I love the thought of my name in it :smile: