Your Over Qualified !!

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  1. Have you ever heard these words?

    Is it just a lame excuse for a employer not to pay you what your worth.?

    What are your opinions ?
  2. Not from employers yet, but from men...:lol:
  3. ^^^ HAHAHA exactly!! Not from an employer, but from a man sure!
  4. Lame, it the truth possibly. Nowadays, they can easily hirer someone who is younger, green behind the ears, but is good enough to do an okay job AND pay them half the price of what you're asking. It's happening more and more, and it happens in all professions whether you're a top hairstylist or a computer can always be replaced. In my profession, I've always kept that in mind, so I'm always one or two steps ahead of the game....I do that by keeping myself up to date, learn the latest/new techniques, go to workshops, seminars, etc.
  5. Sorry..the website went continue...
    So, that way you can offer something unique/vital to the employer that they cannot get from any green/young/low paid employee....they would have to pay you what you're worth!
  6. I'm sorry, this is really bugging me, it wouldn't bug me so much if it was just a response but it's in the topic headline so I just wanted to point out that it's 'YOU'RE' not your.

    you're = you are.

    your = possessive form of you
  7. I think sometimes it's true, but sometimes your over qualified means "too many people applied".

  8. :lol: :lol: :lol:
  9. i'm overqualified for my job now, but they pay me fairly competatively and i get all kinds of appreciation and praise from my bosses, so i don't mind. plus i'll get a per-hour raise in a few months.
  10. LMAO!:nuts:
  11. I think it works both ways. I occassionally do some hiring at the organization I work for, and we can definitely afford to pay people what their worth, so that isn't an issue. The problem with some overqualified people is that many of them (in my past experience) quit the job only a few months after starting. We've hired people who were overqualified because they convinced us that they really, REALLY wanted to work for our organization since they believe in our mission. Every one of them quit from a few weeks in, to about 3 months. Most recently, we hired 2 people in December who were a bit overqualified (and we gave them the salary they asked for)...they gave us notice on Friday. So, it's a bit easier for us to find someone who is "green"...we are also known to pay recent grads at a better yearly rate than they would get if they worked on the Hill or at another non-profit organization. Again, it really depends on the employer and the job market. DC is a rough market because there is huge turnover.