Your Opinon: The most beautiful white/off white bags

  1. I would like to see your ideas for the most beautiful white or off white bags currently available.

    If you have one from a past season, I'd love to see that too!

    This will be a wonderful resource for those of us looking for that perfect white bag.

    Thanks in advance!
  2. The greatest white bag that I've seen this season, in my opinion, is the Yves Saint Laurent Downtown leather tote. LOVE that bag!!!
  3. Valentino Histoire in Ivory-- I just love the detailing on that bag!
  4. Not sure if you consider LV Damier Azur a "white bag" but the speedy is definitely a classy piece!!
  5. Thank you! I will look these bags up....
  6. My favourite white bag has always been the LV White Suhali Lockit - exquisite and not realistic in a month of damp London Sundays!
  7. going to have to pimp my white spy again!
  8. Haven't ventured into white bag territory...but am enjoying looking at your ideas. If I could buy one, it would be an LV Damier Azur Petit Noe.
  9. Here are my two white bags:
    Gerard Darel 24hrs and white 2005 twiggy.
  10. Oh, the white LV Ursula. Without a doubt.
  11. a white or cream paddy front pocket satchel!!
  12. I agree with every single bag listed above! They're all gorgeous. I'm considering the YSL Downtown myself.
  13. I would have to say a white balenciaga anything!
  14. i love my white Balenciaga first! :heart: