Your opinions plz on this Fendi...

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  1. I was perusing DGO and came across this Fendi Compilation bag and wondered if anyone owns it, can give their thoughts, etc? It seems like a funky bag that I would use from time to time and since it's on sale, I figured now is a better time than any but want to get everyone else's firsthand experiences first. TIA!

  2. is DGO authentic? i've heard people say it is but everything just seems SO cheap. have you ever bought anything from them and had it authenticated?
  3. I've actually seen this bag in the Fendi outlet store in Woodbury Commons but instead of the black leather it was red. I really liked it a lot! If I had the cash at the time I would have bought it! I think it's a nice Fendi bag.
  4. not my cup of tea :smile:
  5. i've seen that on yoox italy at a good price!
    maybe it is on yoox of other countries too
  6. It's very unique looking.
  7. Same here..I've heard a lot of people say it's authentic but never purchased from there. It's only $193.00 from 890.00 I think and that's why I'm thinking it's too good to be true.
  8. Ditto.
  9. i don't really like it that much. sorry. =/

    about dgo, ive only heard stories that they are authentic.. haven't heard that they are fake yet.
  10. Is it the shape that y'all don't like or the coloring?
  11. It doesn't do me anything, sorry..
  12. I think it's the shape, because I like the Fendi fabric bags. It just looks to tricked up.
  13. it looks like a roach, but I think I would actually buy this if it were cheap enough. it's pretty cool looking (and sold by as well, last time I checked they had the red).
  14. I'm not a fan either. 1) I have dislike the monograms. It's like saying "Look at me, I can afford this or that..." 2) I don't like the leather sides. It reminds me of all things an armadillo.

    The part I do like is the lock. I always have dug Fendi's locks. They have great style to them.
  15. It's okay. l like it but have os many other bags I'd rather get.