Your opinions pls AG 05 VS BG 08

  1. Hi ladies....i need your help for making a decision. I spotted a mint 05 AG City from one of the tempting to buy but i've ordered 08 BG City which i'm planning to make a trip to London to have a look (maybe pick up if i liked it) this weekend.

    The problem is i can't afford to get them both this time a year (xmas and holiday in Jan)

    Which one would you choose if you were me?????

  2. I think I would go for the AG. Not only do I really love that color, but how often do you have the opportunity to score one in mint condition? I could be wrong, but I think it is likely that you will still be able to purchase an 08 BG in month or two when you recover from the Holiday spending. But, most of all, just trust your gut instinct - which bag really makes you :drool:??
  3. Ag
  4. I vote for the AG City because the BG is still widely available. AG is such a rare color, and to find a mint one is just awesome! Personally, I don't think I'll be able to pull off the color, but I love it anyway!
  5. Humm, I'm not a fan of the AG color, as I'm not really a green gal.
    But I wouldn't go for the BG either, as it's too light of a color for me to get in a bag.

    But I guess I'd go for the AG, if I were in your shoes, since you can get the BG later on when you recover from paying off the AG or when your finances are better whereas spotting a mint AG is harder.
    But if your heart desires the BG, go for that one.

    Which one do you truly want??
  6. I agree with the others - go for AG and perhaps you can get your BG later on down the track?

    Like JadeLeaves said, BG is and will be widely available.

    I guess in the end it comes down to what you like more and what you will use more!
  7. AG all the way
  8. :yes: AG! BG will be around for awhile longer.
  9. If you have seen the AG IRL and adore it, go for it. I found it was a bit bright for me, but do love it on others!
  10. I prefer BG to AG, but if you like AG then you should get it now because it might be hard to find again later, especially in mint condition :yes:
  11. I absolutely agree....get the AG now. You will be able to get the BG at a later date, but the chances of finding another AG in mint condition are pretty slim!
  12. Which color do you like better? That's the one I would go with...
  13. I'm not a big fan of AG, but if you are then I would get AG b/c it's very hard to come across AG, nevermind one in mint condition! But don't just get the color unless you truly love it, I know a few people who have had it and sold it b/c it's hard to wear.
  14. Ag
  15. :greengrin: