Your opinions, please!

  1. Hi purse lovers!
    I would like your opinon. For years now, I have been pretty loyal Coach; but for the past year or so I just have not been happy with the style and the fact that they are everywhere - including so many fake ones. I would like to find a really good quality (leather) brand that has a traditional style - but is not outrageously priced. (Outrageous is fun for splurging, but for me, not for everyday). Your thoughts are appreciated.
  2. There are some beautiful Kooba bags that you can get on sale for the $300 range, also Botkier has some quality leather bags if you can find them on sale. I don't know what your price range is, but there are so many great brands-that it shouldn't be hard to find one that you like. Hayden- Harnett is great as well!:yes: I have also purchased Kale-and it's one of my very favorites!
  3. Look at Cole Haan--very nice quality for less than $350.
  4. Michael Kors too!
  5. How about Francesco Biasia. Love all of it.
  6. Michael Kors has absolutely lovely bags! I swear they're getting nicer every season!

    Kate Spade is another one!
  7. Huge Kooba fan here, but they are not as classic or "plain" for lack of a better word than some coach bags.
    I say look into Kooba though, once I bought my first , I was addicted.
  8. what about hype? i haven't bought anything from them, but any time im just surfing bags online, the ones i like are often hype, and they're really cheap...esp on bluefly...
  9. i don't have any suggestions for ya, but i just wanted to say that i feel your pain. i see coach everywhere here where i live too.
  10. Thank you for the suggestions...I will be shopping over the weekend!
  11. Cole haan has some amazing bags, esp if you want leather....if you have any outlets near you, you can see if there is a cole haan one, bags are usually 40 -60 % off :smile: