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  1. I've always thought Birkenstock were those kind of horrible, male shoes....
    from last summer I'm eyeing these shoes....I also found the new sum up I want to know what you girls think of these kind of shoes....:idea: :idea: :idea:
  2. They're cute and look very comfy. I know they conform to your foot shape. If they're a good price, I would go for them. Seems like a great casual summer sandal.
  3. Those are the same sandals I was looking to buy...

    they are a bit more feminine than some of their other styles...

    birkenstocks are supposed to be super comfy...i would say go for it.
  4. They're cute. I like the white ones
  5. They look very comfortable & summery !
  6. i totally love the new colours! i had a white pair - just like those in the pic! I worn them to death and they were beyond repair! i think they were the most comfortable pair of sandals ive ever owned - yet i havent gotten around to getting a new pair!!! i think the pink is very cute!