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Aug 26, 2008
Hello ladies! :smile:

I posted this in the LV thread and someone suggested I should do the same here.

I was wondering if you could help me with some advice. I have a $1000 Saks gift card and my local Saks has a Louis Vuitton. I was contemplating which bag to get.

At the moment my SA has a large guccissima leather cherry red (more cranberry/ Bordeux color) Gucci Sukey bag on hold for me. I found this link of it:

This Gucci Sukey is on sale at $950, so my gift card would pretty much cover it and I wouldn't have to pay a cent.

BUT, I was considering maybe getting an LV and paying the difference but for no more than a few hundred more. Maybe the Speedy B, Neverfull MM or Delightful GM. Or any suggestions? (In my current colllection I have both Gucci and LV so I wouldn't need one more than the other for variety.) Is it worth is to pay extra? Would you recommend this Gucci instead? Would love to hear your input or any suggestions as well. Thanks in advance! ;)
May 7, 2008
SW Florida
I'd recommend which ever of those bags you like best! If you are just getting the Gucci b/c's it's completely covered by the GC, I'd pass and pay the difference to get one of the others you mentioned if you liked it more. FWIW, I have seen the Sukey bag you are talking about and it's lovely! I myself am in the market for a Guccissima Brown Sukey, so I'd of course tell you ultimately to go for that...but, I am partial! G/L!!


May 23, 2009
G-orgeous H-eaven
^ the link works fine SummerGal

Well, we are in Gucci forum so I guess you know what most of us would say here ;)

The Cherry Sukey is an all-leather bag. It's a a practical yet cool style and is comfortable on the shoulder (I don't have one but my sister has)

I don't mind LV either but if it's a chose between a LV canvas bag and a Gucci leather one there is no doubt in my mind which one I would choose :yes: