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Aug 17, 2010
I have been looking to add to my Chanel collection. I got a jumbo black caviar with ghw last year before the price increase and absolutely love it. I really wanted to add another flap and am seriously thinking of adding a red flap. I have found a 08A jumbo red lambskin with ruthenium hardware.
Style: A39337Y04537 Color code: 81540
I am realllllly tempted but before I take the plunge, I would like to hear what all of you thought of it. Do you have it? Do you love the color? Should I go ahead? Can u post pics if u own it? Would love to hear any and all thoughts on this bag. TIA!


Jun 12, 2009
The 08A A39337Y04537 is a dark red (81540) bag. I was looking for a true red in 2008 but couldn't find it anywhere. I found the 81540, which is more wine-red or bordeaux in color. When it was on the shelf (it was the last one in the store), I didn't really like it but when I tried it on, I just had to have it. I use it often and I'm very careful with my bags (I don't overfill it and stuff it with japanese paper when not in use), yet you could see creases and some flattened quilting. I really like the bag but wish they had it in caviar. After getting this bag (my 2nd lambskin), I decided to just get caviar bags from thereon. I find caviar bags more structured and much more easy to maintain. Its a pity though cos I really love how luxurious lambskin leather is.


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Aug 17, 2010
Thanks all. So I went ahead and ordered this exact bag above. I did have concerns about wrinkling and deflated quilting but I guess I will have to wait and see the bag IRL.
Should I keep this bag or do u think I should get a maxi or jumbo with silver hardware. what color should i get? black (maxi) or would that be redundant since i have black jumbo with ghw. also, should i get caviar or lambskin? thx!
Aug 17, 2010
Just an update: got the bag, loved it but discovered creases in a few of the quilted pockets. Also, the sides are bulging a little already. I talked to a SA who told me that since it was a seasonal item, it was made in the silhouette of a jumbo but does not have the exact rigid structure to it, almost like the "in the business" totes that are not really jumbo's but resemble them. It really is a stunning bag and for $2850 it was a steal. But i want my bags to look good 10 yrs down the road so I will probably be returning it. If anyone wants it, PM me and I will give u details of my SA.