Your opinions please on bag???

  1. Hello Ladies,
    I am buying a new bag but I need help deciding what to buy. What do you think of this bag ??Coach Bag Would love some input!;)
  2. Really like it!
  3. Love It !!
  4. Love it! Very practical.
  5. I love that bag. It's one of my favourite styles. They had some of the khaki sig and black sig versions from last year at the outlet last weekend (the version with the regular leather trim, not perforated).
  6. That is too cute. Are the straps long enough to go on the shoulder?
  7. i'm liking it
  8. Nice bag. I like it too.
  9. Perfect bag! You could really get good use out of it!
  10. Gorgeous! It looks very classy yet practical and the colors are great year round!
  11. It looks good. :smile: Classic style.
  12. It's very pretty! go for it!
  13. alright, i'm obviously a huge minority here...but i'm definately not feeling that bag.
  14. I loved that style when I saw it IRL the other day... I really liked the pebbled leather in the red color or camel... those were my favorite. :yes:
  15. I love that one! I don't always go for coach, either, but that one definitely gets me!