Your Opinions Please: If I were to keep just ONE BAG (or 2)...which one should it be?


Kailey's Mommy
Jan 8, 2007
Okay, I have been thinking about my bags lately. Although my collection is not big by any means, I feel like I have PLENTY of Coach bags now - maybe too many??? Although I do feel like I have a good variety of sizes and styles (just not COLOR, except the black demi).
I am feeling a bit guilty - especially since I have NEVER bought a bag for over $100 until this February when I made my first Coach purchase. I think I feel guilty because I bought my first Coach for an occasion but since then all of the others have been "just because" (I'm OBSESSED). So....I feel like maybe I'd appreciate a bag more if I "waited and wanted" for it rather than just seeing it and grabbing it up.
Anyway...the bags I have are:
Black/Gunmetal Sig Stripe Demi (great for going out)
Legacy Shoulder Zip Sig Khaki/Ebony (goes with anything; good size, but on the smaller side)
Medium Sig Carly Khaki/Gold (very neutral and pretty; holds a ton)
Medium Sig Stripe Tote Khaki/Crimson (coming SOON) (SUCH A COOL/BEAUTIFUL COLOR!)
Sig Stripe Swingpack Khaki/White (great for taking DD to Zoo, Theme Park, Vacation...)
I also have a wristlet (soon to be 2) and 2 mini skinnies and soon a Cosmetic Case
So.....if I HAD to keep just one of these bags...(not including accessories)...which one should it be???? Okay...maybe TWO of them????? Really, I guess I am trying to decide between keeping the Carly or the Crimson Tote (I am ordering tomorrow)?!!?!? I LOOOOOOVE the Crimson and am getting accessories to match, but the Carly is pretty neutral and goes with everything. So...PLEASE HELP...which one(s) to keep?!?!?!What would YOU do? AGH!:nuts:
P.S. I don't have a pic of my Demi yet...I'll try to add one in a bit.


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Kailey's Mommy
Jan 8, 2007
These are updated pics of what I have in my collection, minus the accessories and the new Crimson Sig Stripe(sample pic shown in my first post on this thread) stuff (Medium Tote, Lg Cosmetic Case, Wristlet) I ordered for PCE.
I guess I am just feeling guilty for having spent so much of purses over the past few months for "no reason"! I can justify the Demi, Swingpack and one larger bag, but THREE (Legacy Shoulder Zip, Carly, Sig Stripe Tote)?!?!? I just feel bad about having bought so much - should I get rid of one or two of the larger ones. If so, which ONE would you keep? The Legacy has both black AND Khaki so it'll go with anything, but it doesn't hold as much as the Carly or the Sig Stripe Tote. UGH.....what a dilemma!!!!!!


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Enjoying Rain!
Mar 27, 2007
I don't think that you have too many bags, but then I have about 20 Coach bags and probably 30 others from other designers. I would keep the Carly (shoulder bag and holds a LOT) and get the Sig Stripe Tote (love my Crimson one and couldn't imagine giving it up, but it is hand-held only for me because it doesn't fit over my shoulder), the demi (for going out) and the Swingpack (for vacations). Those four all serve a different role in your wardrobe and you should keep them. I would get rid of the shoulder zip, if you really feel like to need to get rid of a bag.


Can I bathe in them?
Mar 31, 2007
I think when you look at the $$ you have spent divided over several years it doesn't look as bad. You feel bad for having spent so much at one time, but these are classic bags that will last forever and they all have a purpose. I think you will find a use for each one over the next few months depending on the event, and you will have a lot of fun deciding each time you go somewhere! Think of it as usable art and get rid of the guilt. People spend thousands on vacations and don't have anything to show for it. You have something you can hand down to your daughter or give to a friend one day.


love watches
Mar 20, 2007
personally feel that u have bought too much bags thats launched almost at the same time, or still hanging around at the same time. I will keep legacy and the signature tote. legacy wont go out of fashion that fast.


Kailey's Mommy
Jan 8, 2007
Thank you all for your opinions. I definitely think the Carly is a great neutral bag. Does NO ONE think I should keep the Black Sig Stripe Demi? I didn't see anyone post to KEEP that one :P
gettinpurseonal: I do agree with you that, money spent will even out over time. The only thing is, I am kind of thinking what Laneige said: that I have bought too many bags that are all from about the same "ERA"/release. I guess once my Crimson Sig Stripe Tote comes in I will be able to compare them all side-by-side and make some sort of decision...RIGHT??!! I hope so.