Your opinions on this bag?

  1. Hello all, I hope you are all okay todaaay :smile: I bought this bag a year ago in a sale and I've never really used it but thought I should for university as it's very icy and chilly and the bag kinda resonates that! What is your opinion on it? I think it might be sheepskin or something.

    Honest opinions? (btw its really smooshy ! lol)
    DSC02860.JPG DSC02861.JPG DSC02862.JPG
  2. I think it's cute and different! A fun kind of bag if you will : )

  3. Thanks for your response! :yes:
  4. I agree and it made me smile (in a good way)!:tup:
  5. Cute, I like it! :yes: Makes the cold a lot more bearable!
  6. Is that a pic of an cold person sewn onto the front?

    The bag makes me feel cold! haha So it's perfect for winter!
  7. It looks like alot of fun, and like it would keep your books nice and warm.;)
  8. not really liking it
  9. ^^I'm not too crazy about it either, but I am more of a conservative type when it comes to bags. It is definitely a unique and fun bag, if you love it, wear it definitely!!
  10. with the right personality, coat, and weather conditions you could totally rock this bag. especially to carry to class. on a miserable cold day, with an expensive looking fur hooded coat and that bag i think you would make it look really trendy in a quirky/creative sort of way. and then you get props for being original and not just going out and buying the safest most expensive lv bag out there that looks like everyone else :smile:
  11. thanks for all your responses people!
  12. I think it would be a great fun bag for school like you said. Go for it!