your opinions on these skincare lines

  1. I'm trying to figure which skin care line is best, I know its different for everyone but if anyone has used the following lines can you tell me which is your favorite/ which you think is best....

    Skin Ceuticals
    Shu Uemura

    I've been using mario badescu , don't know if I'm happy with it. Used to use Kiehls...can't remember if I like it lol.

  2. I've had good experiences with all, but have not tried Fresh...
  3. I've only used Kiehls and SkinCeuticals. Kiehls was good for the first few months, but I think my skin got used to it and stopped working so well. SkinCeuticals I've been using for a while now, and I really like it. It's a little expensive, but I like how it feels. I'd recommend it.