Your opinions on The North Face jackets!

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  1. Whew, sorry for the long title! Hello everyone! I was looking at the North Face website, and I really like their Denali jacket:heart:

    Does anyone have it? Or a different jacket from there? Do you like it? Is it comfy?Do the zippers work well? Does it keep you warm? Say if you were wearing another sweater underneath, does it go over it? Which color do you have??Is there another style that is better??

    I already have some lots of jackets but I really liked this one because it looks like it can fold up to be small (so it'll fit in my school locker) and it looks very warm. Here in CT, it gets pretty cold, and sometimes its such a pain to carry or stuff and thicker jacket in my locker when I'm only wearing it for about 3 minutes when I'm walking to the buses to go home!

    Before I even think about buying it, I wanted to know if it was a good quality jacket! Also, which color do you think would look best? I have dark brown hair and my backpack is pink. I like the purple and then yellow because those are my favorite colors!

    I attached a picture of the purple one, but I can't add the yellow one because I can't save it to my comp because its shown on a flash player thingy..anyway its on their website....

    Thanks everyone for reading this!:smile:
    Sorry for all of the questions:shame:
  2. Everyone I know in Northern California wears North Face! Casual, cute and functional... and DEFINITELY QUALITY (you don't need to worry about that)!

    For you, I would get a yellow jacket. I think they look great in bright colors.
  3. i just bought a black fleece the other day...all my friends LOVE northface. they hold up amazingly and are WARM, but not too warm. so good insulators i guess. hehe.

    i wanted the denali but didn't care for the fit (they didn't have my correct size) so i went with another style. :smile:
  4. LOL I have that exact same jacket you posted in the pic!! I really love it.. it's really warm and cozy. Plus it's stain resistant too! One of my friends accidentally spilled coke on it once and the droplets just kind of rolled off it.. so when I wiped it down with a paper towel there were no stains or wet spots! So I'm definitely a fan of the Denali!
  5. I like North Face too. I am a high school teacher, nd my students ALL wear North Face, so I wouldn't wear it b/c it reminds me of them. But I do like the jackets!!
  6. i have yet to own or even try on a North Face jacket.. maybe it's because socal weather doesn't call for it and I don't really go camping, etc.
  7. I live in NYC so our weather is similar and for quality the north face can't be beat. Their winter jackets with 550+ polyfill will absolutely keep the cold out and their price points are reasonable esp at the outlets.

    For skiing I wear jackets by Spyder which are made for really cold weather but they tend to cost more.

    If you are buying a north face on Ebay be really careful because there are a ton of fakes.
  8. I have a winter jacket from last year and love it. It was my first, normally i'm a columbia jacket person. But i love this one more :smile:
  9. My DH and I have a number of jackets from North Face (that we've had for years!!) They're definitely good quality and their prices are pretty reasonable.

    I can't wait for Fall so I can start wearing my Nuptse Vest. :biggrin:
  10. I don't own a North Face jacket but have been tempted...the only thing is that I don't like their name posted on the front.
  11. Thanks everyone!

    IntlSet- Yeah, they're products are great quality- I have the backpack and there no rips, or broken zippers, or anything! As for the yellow- I think that that would look better if I were wearing it with jeans (instead of the purple) I think I'll try to find somewhere where they have them so I can look at the different colors.:yes:

    ilzabet-My cousin has the black fit- I like that one, but I'm more of a brighter colors person-Can I ask where you got it? I also liked the fact that it seemed just thick enough, but not too thick.:heart:

    sparkles48-Wow I didn't know it was stain restistant! That would be perfect for me! (I'm such a klutz!!) :rolleyes:

    Faith- I have a question for you- since you're a teacher, are your students allowed to wear them in class? In my school, we can't wear coats/jackets (but we can wear sweatshirts and stuff like that), so do you think I would be able to wear it during the day? I'm allllllways freezing! Also, what is the most popular color? Thanks!:flowers:

    mrsjimmyh-You're lucky that its not cold where you live, lol!

    harlem_cutie-Where are the outlets? I've never heard of them!(maybe i'm just out of it!) I don't ski or snowboard but I have a Burton coat which I love, :love: except its so bulky just to wear for normal wear- I don't think that I'll ever buy clothing on eBay- you just don't know whos worn it, what the house is like, where it came from- just too many questionable thing- but I'll go look there and maybe the pictures will show some things that the website doesn't

    -Thats really cool! I'm glad you like it- which one did you get?

    TheImportersWife-I can't wait until fall either- :P I love all of the scarves and sweaters and leaves and Thanksgiving! I agree- the prices seem reasonable (because from what I've heard here)they're outstanding jackets!

    lovehermes- I don't really like their name on the front, but I think i'll be okay with it- the collar could probably fold down and cover a little bit of it and I usually wear my hair down, so that would definately cover it!;)

    Whew! Okay thanks everyone for your posts! Keep them coming!
  12. Izod jacket has an alligator on the front so I guess that's something we have to deal with!

  13. [​IMG]
    click picture to enlarge
    CAN Price: 249.99 Special:199.99

    "For use as a technical insulator or as a water and wind resistant outerwear piece, the Aconcagua provides protection and layering options when you need them."

    --Brushed collar is soft against your skin
    --Hem cinchcord
    --This jacket functions as a technical insulator or as water and wind resistant
    --outerwear protection
    --Two hand pockets
    --The North Face W'S ACONCAGUA JACKETSize chart
  14. This jacket is so light feeling its perfect for drving in. When i got my columbia jacket about 5 yrs ago i thought damn i love this. I even wore it driving, something I never used to do. Now having had this one, omg i'm in love. Its so warm, and light its just perfect.

    I never used to be a person that wore a coat, i'd wear it to the car then toss it in the back. I just hated them. Since I was talked into my first columbia jacket ( after having heart failure due to the price) i was sold. This one was no different. To be honest the only reason i got this jacket was because i was bored of my columbia and wanted a change, now i'm so happy i have as i wore it all last winter.
  15. I think with anything we buy these days we're stuff with that :sad: