Your opinions on the 'dressiness' of the chanel j12

  1. Hey everyone. I've been wanting a chanel J12 in black 33mm forever know, but the price has been holding me back. If I am going to spend this much on a watch, I want to make sure that it will last a while.

    Do you think the J12 watch matches with business casual wear?

    Do you think the watch looks too manly or bulky?

    Do you think this watch would last long or would I be better of with like a Cartier roadster that's more versatile?

    Another watches that you all love that you want to mention would be great as well (as long as it's not like a Rolex or something :graucho: )

    I mean I absolutely love this watch and I would buy it in the black and white if I could afford it, but unfortunately I do have to look at the practicality vs. worth of the watch.

    Any opinions would be fabulous!
  2. Yes, no, yes. I like the roadster too but it's looks older while i think J12 is a bit more flashy and modern. I'd wear it all the time if I had one. If you've been wanting it forever, you should get it instead of a roadster that you dont like as much.

    J12 is slightly more flashy but at the same time is subtle enough. I think it'll be perfect with casual-smart attire.
  3. I think the J12 is a fabulous watch for some but for me the band does seem a tad manly/bulky. I love the Gucci Twirl watch (which is on my list of future watch purchases). Although that band is wide, it is more feminine and dainty for my size.
  4. i think the j12 rocks and i would pretty much wear it with everything, anywhere.
  5. i love the j12 watch, but i don't think it's a timeless watch. i think it looks best when you wear trendy, contemporary clothing with it. i don't know that it would match business casual attire though. i would probably wear a more professional looking watch to work.
  6. I think the J12 is perfect! But... I cannot afford it for a watch! It's too much!!
  7. I think the J12 is terrific. I have a diamond bezel technomarine that is a similar size and wear it alot, certainly to work. I don't know why you couldn't wear the J12 to work, especially business casual. I love big watches on women and don't think they are mannish at all -- just a different look.
    That said, I am dying for a roadster -- but I want the man size. LOL
  8. i think the 33mm is not as bulky and looks more like a lady's watch. Chanel is very feminine IMO. I feel it can be dressed up or down. It can be casual or look elegant and dressy. It is a unique watch - timeless style with a different kind of material. I love my white 38mm w/diamond markers! Would love to get one in black too! J12 has been around for a couple of years and is stilll popular and come up w/ different versions every now and then. I think you will find it versatile and enjoy wearing it a long time.
  9. I have the 33mm J12 in black and I absolutely agree with the 2 above posts. I wear a lot of black suits for work and I think it looks great. I do however also have a Cartier watch to switch off with on occasion like if I wear brown clothing or something.
  10. I love them. I think they can go both dressy and casual (with jeans).

  11. I :heart: J12! I have the same black one as Smooth. Its stunning !!

    Mon I love your ring :drool:
  12. I want one!
  13. I wear my J12 all the time, including to work (and I work in a corporate office). I don't think it's too manly, but then again I like my watches big. I've been known to wear my J12 during formal occasions as well - and my J12 is the one with the rubber strap!

    ...or maybe I'm just weird!?
  14. Wow, thanks for your opinions everyone, I kinda do want to take the leap (take advantage of that Saks F&F while I'm at it), still deciding though. . .any more opinions on the dressiness/timelessness would be fabulous. . .I am still not completely swayed toward one side
  15. I have the 33mm with diamond bezel. It's gorgeous. I wear it all the time everywhere. Work is too serious, so I prefer to wear this contemporary watch. Besides, black suits all the time is no fun, so this watch dresses it up quite a bit with girly charms.

    I never had a question which color to get- white. The black looks too serious on me and too heavy.

    Chanel watches are a no-fail. All its previous styles have all become iconic style symbols. I don't think it will ever go out of style- it will simply become a classic!