Your opinions on the Alma

  1. I've been thinking about a hand-held. Never really considered Alma...don't quite know why! But saw one in action this weekend and thought it looked fab!
    What do you think?
  2. I loved mine. It's a very classy elegant handbag that could also be worn on casual occasions with the right outfit combination.
  3. I have Alma in Damier and it is an awesome bag. I love that it has a cell pocket too.
  4. It's one of the ultimate classic bags after the Speedy. Good choice!
  5. I agree with Antonia.

    I'm not sure whether it'd be hard to get in and out of though :confused1:
  6. mono alma is gorgeous :love:
  7. I don't like the Alma. Maybe it'll grow on me someday.
  8. I have the mono alma and love it. It is a great size and I love that it opens wide when unzipped. It is a very classic bag. I like the structured shape better than the speedy.
  9. alma is a gorgeous bag. so unique and timeless. plus it can hold a ton of stuff!
  10. I have the damier alma. It's not hard at all to get in and out of. I love how wide you can open it or you can zip both zippers to the top and just open it a little bit, too. it's a beautiful shape and can be dressed up or down. I also have the white mc alma, too. Just don't stuff it too full or you'll wind up with a wavy zipper.
  11. The Alma is the most beautiful (ok, one of the most beautiful) designs by Louis Vuitton! It is sooo elegant and, as others have said, can be dressed up or down.

    It is actually very easy to get in and out of, due to the wide opening and the option of pulling both zippers fully down (which I never do though, not necessary).

    I don't really like it in mono, but I have both the black MC Alma and the epi alma in ivory, and both are :drool:
  12. I think it's a beautiful, classy, timeless bag. Go for it!
  13. I really do not like the alma, never have and never will! Also I think it looks like an old lady bag.
  14. if its good enough for Coco Chanel herself, then it's worth having :yes:
  15. Alma is the ultimate in sophisticated chic! A classic beauty. I have the black Epi and a black MC and absolutely love them. In fact, I changed from my mono Petit Bucket to my black Epi Alma today!