your opinions on tan paddies.

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  1. I had a tan paddy briefly but I never took pics- sorry!! :sad:
  2. Let me indulge the 05 vs 06 tan paddy controversy. Below are pics of 06 (left) and 05 (right). I cannot see an appreciable difference in color (didn't IRL either) and didn't feel one in quality, and I ended up keeping the 06!! :nuts:

    I'm a little cranky on the subject right now because I had just sold my 06 tan paddy on eBay and the buyer just wrote me to say, oops, she really wanted an 05 paddy instead, so nevermind! :wtf: Apparently my pics were fine (she bought it on its looks!) but the date-code killed the deal :shrugs: JMHO but I'd buy a bag on looks over born-on-date any day.

    Anyhoo, I can't help but feel that a lot of the guessing and hearsay about different year colors, quality, textures etc. is just that - guesswork - and judgment should be reserved for the individual bag. That said, I'm still 99% disappointed with the scrumple-factor of the fall 06 Ediths! :P
  3. Nice comparo blugenie!!

    I am so sorry to hear about your ebay experience. I love my 06 paddies just as much as my 05 bags :yes:
  4. ^^thanks hmwe46. yes I'm like the Noah's Ark of bags as I tend to order 2 of everything if I can just to have a choice.

    I think it just goes to show that Chloe is just plain all over the map on leather and quality - like some of the gals who are disappointed with their NAP bags - it's hit or miss and that isn't defined by the release date, although we all naturally want to be able to say that OUR bag's leather is the BEST-EST EVER!!
  5. HI ladiesss...
    I want to apologize because I promised pictures on Friday, but I've been really busy and tired due to lack of sleep.
    besides.. nobody wanted to see ME that bad either lol.

    I havent brought the bag outside with me yet, I'm still too careful with it, everytime I hear the padlock making noise I freeze, I just dont want any scratches on it! and how do I unlock and lock the padlock...I tried it super gently and it wont come I pulled it and it scratched the brass on the key. and i was
    oh well...whaddaya's my first designer handbag...with you ladies it's more like first ferrari maybe?first baby :smile: more likely.

    anyway w/o further adieu very very first, and cross my finger it wont be the last..
    2006 medium satchel tan paddington!!:yahoo:

    oh cant be says errorr error...

    oh goes..still looks stiff doesnt it? this is the 2nd time out of its dust bag (first time was in the car right after I picked her up from UPS)

    I try to take in different's not quite the actual tan.

    2nd day

    kinda can see the wrinkles

    well the last one is me looking so happy.

    I hope the files are not too big...

    well, I gotta get myself something to starved while trying to upload these pictures.

    I want to say a BIG THANK YOU to EVERBODY :yes: who have helped me from the very first time I became a member to TPF. you all have been supportive and SUPER NICE. I was surprised, honestly...I ladies really take some time to upload pictures..explain this and that to somebody who is a total stranger. I remembered telling my roomate "forum people are so nice..."
    and he said " I know, it's like they REALLY want to help you". so thank you.

    To the authentication thread, to the deals and steals thread...

    To audrey, hmwe46, D&G, sonja, chicky, bagbunny, ranskimmi...oh there are too much. it would be easier to remember with real names.

    alright time for me to look for food.

    peace y'all! :supacool:

    ps: there is a black mark on the inside lining :sad: , i will take pic of it later when I have time....looks like a pen mark, anybody knows how to get it off? I tried baby wipes, but it wont get rid of it. Will water leave marks?

    Attached Files:

  6. if u click on the can get a lil bit bigger
  7. ijoewono omg it looks gorgeous, and you look too!!!:nuts: :girlsigh: Congrats..!! That's truly one classic yummy paddington, enjoy!

    I had the same thing with my first paddy, I tried to open lock carefully and still I accidentally scratched the hardware a bit - I can totally feel your pain! :sweatdrop: After that I have decided to avoid opening paddy locks so I dont keep those leather tabs locked, they just hang there freely so I dont need to operate the lock.. that helps and there hasn't been any new scratches! :yes: I also try to avoid banging the lock and I'm trying to be very gentle with the bag and that helps too...... But dont worry, little imperfections arent that bad if they happen to appear as they go well with the vintagey style of paddys, so they might actually just add it's charm! :flowers:
  8. Gorgeous 06 tan Paddys Blu and ijowono. Good to have you back on the forums Blu!

    ijo - where did you purchase your tan? If a store, they should be able to exchange the bag due to the lock and black mark. A new bag should be perfect! It is really lovely!
  9. Oops, double post!!
  10. sonja n roey thank uuuu, i literally blush when you compliment my bag..and me:shame: .

    it's from TRAFFIC, they were having paddies sale, I paid only 1100 and it was final sale.
    If I bought it from neiman or marcus..hahahahah...i mean neiman or saks, Id spend hours looking for imperfections and going back and forth when I find one.

    oh hey, I used to wonder what those padlocks are really for..and it can lock leather tabs?
  11. oh yea....they can lock the leather tabs...but that is a lot of work to open and close a bag.
    I'm learning and looking for my way to open this bag, the practical and harmless way =)
  12. Okay, you look like the cutest, happiest, proudest tan paddy owner - that pic is adorable and your bag is beautiful! CONGRATS!

    I know what you mean about final sales - sometimes it's a good thing to help you actually commit to the bag!!
  13. btw some ladies keep one leather tab locked and another zipper open (or how did it go..?) so that helps too avoiding scratches:rolleyes: Everyone has their own way to deal with paddy and it's lock, by trying you'll find out which one workes best for you :P
  14. Cograts ijoewono :yahoo:the bag is beauuuutifuullll! Thanks for the pics
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